Small Business Lessons Learned from Legos

Lesson's Learned From Legos

Ok, I am starting this post off with my love for Lego’s but really, if you hang in there I promise it has some pretty good small business strategies I think you will enjoy. Now, let me remissness. My favorite Christmas wasn’t the one where I got a Barbie or Ken doll, an Easy Bake Oven, or even a shiny new pink bike.  It was when I saw a ginormous bag of Legos (smiling)! I was so excited!

My mind raced with all the things I can create and build. I didn’t want something “readymade.” The thrill of creating and admiring my work was an addiction and still is. Now, here are some quick lessons I learned from my Lego building days as a child that have helped me to build my businesses when I was a new and budding Entrepreneur.

Small Business Lessons !

Lesson #1: Just start. Seriously. JUST START!  The awesome thing about being young is you have a fearless attitude, until it is shattered by discouragement. Run toward your dream like the bag of Lego’s, rip it open, and start planning your idea or business.

Lesson #2: Build, build, build!  I remember working all day into the night on my Lego Castle. Starting out you will need to put a lot of time, planning, and resources into your idea. Don’t be afraid to invest in your dream.

Lesson #3: Admire the mess!  I remember taking my creation to my mom and saying, “look isn’t it beautiful?” Not knowing what it is, she would lovely respond, “yes, looks great!”  It was a disaster but it was my work in progress. In the beginning, when you are building your dream stop midway and get a second pair of eyes. This is where a Business Coach comes in handy. They have been there, they get it, and they know what progress looks like. But even so, admire your mess!

I hope you enjoyed! If you need small business insight email me at [email protected] or call (317) 220-8846 for your Discovery Session.

Until next time!

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