The Small Business Owners New Growth Strategy: Extreme Self Care

We live in a world of extremes. We have extreme skiing, extreme skydiving, and extreme snowboarding. For small business owners looking to accelerate growth, a new strategy exists — extreme self-care.

smart business ideas resized 600Airlines tell us to put on our own oxygen mask, even before we do so for our children. Their instructions are purposeful. They understand that you won’t be of benefit to others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

The truth is that you’re not good to anyone when we’re not being the best to yourself. Like taking an extended road trip with regular gas in a car that requires super unleaded, minimize the need for extreme self-care and you’re just not that effective or efficient.

Extreme Self-Care Defined

Self-care, the art of taking care of oneself, means being responsible for getting our needs met. It means applying the 51% principle, a notion launched by Connie and William Lantz. To hold another person accountable for your own care is unfair and selfish. Self-care is an insider’s job.

Extreme is defined as way out there, out of the ordinary, beyond what is normal. Hence, extreme self-care is defined as going beyond the ordinary to take care of yourself to get your needs met.

Significance of Extreme Self-Care on Business Growth

small business self care resized 600Why is extreme self-care so important to business growth? In many of the same ways as what the airline instructions hope to obtain, extreme self-care influences the quality of your performance. Practiced daily, extreme self-care enables you to give from your joy rather than from obligation and duty.

Extreme self-care infuses you with energy. You are more creative and productive. Your senses sharpen. You open up to new insights and awareness that leads your small business into exciting horizons previously undetected.

Through the strategy of extreme self-care, your performance — and the results you achieve — is quite extraordinary.

YOU are the most important person there is and without YOU, nothing else will be able to exist. So, if you really truly are intent on growing your business, the best thing small business growth strategy to implement is extreme self-care.