Smart Intelligent and Missing in Action

The world does not determine us


Many smart multi-talented women defer or negate their multiple talents and expressing them with intentness.  They may have dumbed down their intelligence to fit in or accepted expected roles.  They can be experiencing a level of success.  However, they may have a feeling of is there more, a feeling of frustration, or a feeling that passions and dreams have no place in reality.  They may experience self-doubt that even in their current roles they are not meeting the expected standards.  The internal chaos presents itself in many ways; anxiety, depression, lethargy, discontent, questioning, physical discomfort, boredom, or lackluster with life. 


Acknowledging the intelligence, multi-talents for ourselves is a starting point to explore other options in life.  Realizing that we are not too much or over the top with our emotions and desires.  Recognizing our talents and skills are and/or can be expressed with excellence and not have to be perfect.  Grasping that our dreams and passions expressed through our talents makes them real.  We are addressing our internal chaos. 


A process by which we can turn the chaos into managed pandemonium involves understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing and connecting.  We want to understand how our brain works and that fast pace thoughts, multiple ideas, seeing solutions instantaneously, being excitable, having sensitivities are our norm.  We want to understand what our values and beliefs are, their source, and our conscious choice of them.  We want to understand what our family, culture, community and time in history contributes to who we are and make a conscious choice. 


Overcoming involves the many mixed messages we have received and give ourselves.  It involves recognizing we are not alone.  It means knowing the extreme swings of emotions are natural and that we need to know our center grounding point.  In knowing our center we can choose to return more frequently as a way to manage the swinging pendulum.  We want to take care of our sensitivities by accommodating and making adjustments to noise, lighting, smells, touch, etc.  We want to be conscious of our expectations and others expectations of ourselves.  We want to evaluate how realistic the expectations are.  We want to look at them to see if they are in tune with our values, are they perfectionistic versus excellent, and are they related to our passions / multi-talents. 


Developing involves being willing to learn how to learn beyond everything that comes easily.  We want to take the journey of mastery which involves persistence, practice, repetition, diligence and determination.  And in all of this we want to develop balance.  We want to look at the priorities in our lives at this moment and give them the conscious attention they need.  We need to keep in mind our health, well-being, our goals, our values, and conscious make choices so that we can experience joy. 


To express ourselves is definitely part of the process.  We struggle with being whole without an outlet for our passions and talents.  Expression can be just for us or it can be for the world around us.  A private expression or a worldly expression is a choice.  And we can do both depending on the talent we are expressing.  We can make the solutions we see to various problems happen or we can write a poem in our private journal.  The expression of our talents in any form brings us to experience the flow and exuberance. 


Connecting is part of being human.  Connecting can be a challenge.  The effort to find like minds has great value for us.  Cultivating communication skills enhances our connecting with all those we interact with on a daily basis.  We have the intelligence to develop and apply good communication techniques.  Then we want to connect the dots and the patterns we see which involves connecting our passions and talents into expressions.  


As smart, intelligent, multi-talented women let me encourage you to understand yourself; to overcome the void within and challenges you experience; to develop your abilities to learn, master your talents, and life balance; to express your multi-talents freely with joy; and to connect with others – like you, around you, and with the world. 




Edith D Johnston PhD assists multi-talents with personal development and making their dreams into realities. She provides workshops, individual sessions, webinars, books and can be found at

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