Smart Ways to Deal with Pregnancy Cravings

Are you pregnant? If you’ve been pregnant before you are probably aware of the cravings, but if it’s your first time, you are in for a surprise to how weird pregnancy cravings can get! While the whole process of wanting to eat the most bizarre things is completely normal, most women find it difficult to effectively deal with these cravings. However, it’s not entirely impossible to deal with pregnancy cravings, try out these simple tips to overcome, or at least subdue your cravings.

Surrender to It

Probably the easiest and most tempting of situations, it is okay to give in to your pregnan1cy cravings once in a while. If it’s a healthy craving, like a green salad, or fruits – we’d say give in to that every day; but usually it isn’t so. So have what you are craving, keep the quantities small and try some sort of exercise exchange – like a big glass of milkshake today for extra 10 minutes of treadmill tomorrow.

Hold Back

There will be times during your pregnancy when you crave for something other than food; like a certain smell or sometimes even something as uncanny as soap! You are best off avoiding any craving like that. However, if the condition persists and you continue to crave non-food items, we suggest you talk to your medical practitioner about it.

Get Cooking

Most of the time, cooking comes off as unappealing during pregnancy but it is a great way to deal with your pregnancy cravings. Instead of going out and buying what you crave, why not make it yourself. It gives you the liberty to control what you put in as ingredients (make sure they are healthy), and also helps you stall off your craving.

Regulate the Portions

A smart way to quell your cravings is to keep the portions small. Giving in to your cravings shouldn’t mean you have large portions of food that can prove unhealthy for you. If you don’t watch the quantity of ‘good cravings’ you intake, you may end up putting on too much pregnancy weight that will be a trouble to shed.

What’s Missing?

When you’re pregnant, your body has ways of telling you what it lacks, and what it needs. Sometimes that could be through your cravings. So when you crave something, think of what it could be that your body needs. Once you know what your body wants, get healthier alternative sources for that and subdue your craving.

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