So your light bulb isn’t as bright?

???????????????????????????????????????We all come to our fork in the road.  Which way do we turn?  Right, left or just stand in the middle and hope for someone to wave in lending us a hand.  As part of the public relations world, we know very well those moments of writer’s block, feeling stagnant or just down right bored.

An artist friend of mine turned me to The Artist’s Way.  At first, I was intrigued. Then lost focus and put the book down.  Then picked it up again.  It’s a time of great self-discovery.  There are various tasks which forces you to sit down and literally write about yourself and your thoughts.  How is this different from keeping a diary?  Well, the tasks encourage you to ask yourself some deep thought questions.  What would your 80 yr. old self tell your current self?  What would your 8 yr. old tell your current self? In some ways, it can create new ideas and re-purpose old ones.

However, my favorite way of creating new ideas stem from walking. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal takes us to a path of creativity be simply walking away.  I’m hoping this is not a new trend we are now just discovering.  We live to work. We’re physically at work more than our homes.  We sit at our desks and barely get up from them to get some kind of exercise.  You know who you are.  My biggest advice mirrors this article.  At this point, my hope for you is that you have chosen the best place to clear your head.  I’m hoping it’s outside where you drive more oxygen to your head and escape from those pesky fluorescent office lights.  Why walk away?

  • De-stress.
  • Ignite creativity.
  • Circulate the legs.
  • Connect with others (put your cell phone down!)
  • Get a different perspective.
  • Adjust your eyes other than being fixed on a computer screen.
  • Plug yourself into some of your favorite tunes.
  • Get some vitamin D.
  • You owe it to yourself.

Tu camino es su derecho.  Your walk is your right. One of my favorite “walks” is at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  So stop reading this post and start walking!



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