Social Edge Summit brings diverse opinions to hot trends in social media – San Francisco

Jennifer Margolin is a woman on a mission to bring diverse viewpoints to various topics in the world of digital marketing a social media.

On October 16, 2012, Margolin is hosting the First Bi-Annual Social Edge Summit in San Francisco to bring awareness to a wide range of social media topics across many industries.

This one-day event is jam-packed with successful founders, social media marketers and executives that will all speak to provide unique perspectives on current hot topics in the digital marketing space.

“I had a short list of people who I knew I wanted to speak at the conference,” Margolin said. “Most of the people I asked to speak immediately said yes right off the bat, and now the conference has taken on a life of its own. Many people recommended speakers that would be a good fit for different topics, so it has really been a community effort to bring in valuable speakers.”

The Social Edge Summit is intended to be a broad overview for future conferences to come. Ultimately, the goal is to start conversations around these broader topics, and then try for an individual vertical conference every quarter.

“For the mobile panel, we have someone to speak on analytics, someone to speak on apps, someone to speak on agencies… when it comes to mobile, you can barely scratch the surface in just 45 minutes. Hopefully next year, we’ll have a full-day event to cover mobile exclusively, but this conference will be a starting place to open up the conversation.”

The Social Edge Summit is expecting to bring in approximately 125-150 attendees. Margolin explained that she prefers to cap these types of conferences off at 150 so that the speakers and the attendees have more of a chance to interact on a personal level. With a smaller crowd, the conference turns into a face-to-face networking event in which people can exchange business cards, bounce ideas back and forth, and learn from each other without standing in line behind thousands of attendees to shake the hand of an industry leader.

The summit will cover broad topics such as mobile strategy, experimental marketing, social cause, women entrepreneurs, video, social innovation, and more.

While this is the first Social Edge Summit in San Francisco, Margolin is no rookie to the conference-planning world.

With an extensive background in the luxury, lifestyle, and fashion marketing industries, she quickly began noticing the need for social media in these areas.

“I would tell my clients that this is the wave of the future. This is where marketing is going.”

In April, Margolin hosted the Innovation Summit in LA to talk about current trends, but it was more industry focused for the Los Angeles audience, rather than opened up to wider audiences.

“When I came back to San Francisco after the summit, I found out that people were actually sad that they couldn’t attend. There was a need up here.”

If you fall into any of these categories, then this is a conference that you won’t want to miss: forward thinking entrepreneurs, marketing executives, and/or technology, digital, luxury, and lifestyle industry professionals.

For more information about panelists, topics, or Jennifer Margolin, please visit the Social Edge Summit website. To purchase tickets for this one-day event, click here.


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