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We consistently see articles about the most stressful professions. Imagine the pressure that restaurant owners are under: they are managing the floor, maintaining the quality and consistency of their dishes and facility, creating a team of employees, and dealing with many food and consumer services (ranging from the media outlets that bombard them for ad buys, to the paper and plastic distribution companies- and every thing in between). And like most business owners, restaurant entreprenuers want to have the final say in all aspects of their daily operations. Social media marketing is great for restauranteurs- they can control their campaigns, message, and all information listed is from their office (versus a food critic).

There are many examples of restaurants and nightlife venues that have strong online presences, but we at Social Fulcrum have a personal relationship with Zagat Rated restaurant Catfish Dewey’s. Catfish Dewey’s is in the heart of the greater Fort Lauderdale community, and has been a tourist destination and South Florida landmark for 28 years. Beyond participating in philanthropic and networking events, Catfish Dewey’s uses multiple online channels and social media tools to market their restaurant, and get their message out.  Catfish Dewey’s has climbed to the top of Google; if you search Catfish in the state of Florida the first thing that comes up is the restaurants homepage.  If you search Catfish Dewey’s in New York, they are the first website and company to come up.

This is how they are on the top (while spending very little on Google and Facebook ads).

Catfish Dewey’s Online Marketing Strategy and Social Media Methodology 

  1. Facebook: Catfish Dewey’s Facebook Page With over 2,000 loyal fans (patrons and business associates), Catfish Dewey’s receives over 14,000 unique Facebook impressions each week (roughly 2,000 per day- based on the fact that the restaurant is marketing itself through its wall posts at least 1x daily).  Catfish Dewey’s also places offers through the Facebook platform (a free bottle of wine to drive in dinner dining traffic).
  2. Twitter:@CatfishDeweys Reinforces the Facebook offers, and is tied to the foursquare account.
  3. foursquare: Catfish Dewey’s foursquare Provides the owners of Catfish Dewey’s valuable information (what their customers think of their servers, food, and presentation).  Over 600 people have publicly checked-in on foursquare.
  4. Yelp!: Catfish Dewey’s Yelp! Reviews Yelp is highly ranked on search engines, and there are 61 positive reviews on Catfish Dewey’s profile.  These memos are all submitted by patrons.  As foursquare reviews and nods are taken into consideration, Yelp! reviews are scrutinized and discussed.
  5. TripAdvisor: Catfish Dewey’s on TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is the most trafficked traveling site in the United States; with over 80 positive reviews on TripAdvisor, Catfish Dewey’s has aligned itself with the tourists visiting South Florida, and welcomes them with open arms!
  6. MenuPages: Catfish Dewey’s on MenuPages By having their operational hours, phone number, address, dining accommodations (take-out and dine in only), and links to their website, Catfish Dewey’s has boosted its main website (by having their menu on this site with a link to their home site).  *** {This is what industry professionals call back-linking}
  7. CitySearch: Catfish Dewey’s on CitySearch Powered by MapQuest, CitySearch is similar to the MenuPages profile page, and also boosts Catfish Dewey’s ranking on search engines by this creation of another link between CitySearch site and their home site.
  8. AllMenus: Catfish Dewey’s on AllMenus Powered by GrubHub, AllMenus is similar to MenuPages and CitySearch; it too provides additional search engine boosts through the links to Catfish Dewey’s home site, and AllMenus also filters Catfish Dewey’s content into its GrubHub database.
  9. UrbanSpoon: Catfish Dewey’s on UrbanSpoon With an 86% “like” rating on UrbanSpoon, Catfish Dewey’s has a solid B rating on the #1 social media site for dining.
  10. OpenTable: Catfish Dewey’s on OpenTable OpenTable is an independent web service that is similar to MenuPages; Catfish Dewey’s sets reservations through OpenTable, and has over 20 reviews linking to their home site from their OpenTable profile page.
  11. Zagat: Catfish Dewey’s on Zagat As a Zagat rated restaurant, Catfish Dewey’s has its operating information and menu online.  This also creates a direct link from Zagat’s website to Catfish Dewey’s (another boost on search engines, and branding alongside Zagat adds ambiance and credits the Catfish Dewey’s reputation).
  12., the Official Site of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau: Catfish Dewey’s on This is the main site that tourists visit when researching the Broward county (Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood/Coral Springs) area.  This site also links back to the main Catfish Dewey’s site (adding to the search engine boost).
  13. Pinterest: Catfish Dewey’s on Pinterest Catfish Dewey’s recently signed up for Pinterest, and is placing images of their menus selection.  Each image is linked to the main Catfish Dewey’s website, boosting their ranking, and adding to the Image fields on Bing and Google.
  14. Yahoo! Travel: Catfish Dewey’s on Yahoo! Travel Yahoo! is in the top 5 search engines used in the United States.  This listing comes up on the first page of Bing, Google and Yahoo! when anyone searches Catfish Dewey’s (worldwide).  This page also has a link to their main website.
  15. Dewey’s on has existed since 1994, and is one of the largest restaurant databases.  This is another profile that provides valuable contact information and menu selections at Catfish Dewey’s.

Beyond the social media profiles that Catfish Dewey’s maintains, and the numerous directories that they are mentioned within, Catfish Dewey’s is always researching new methods to reach out to their marketplace.  To set the pace for your business, you should follow the Catfish Dewey’s formula: create more pages with content directly linking to your website- this will drive you to the top of every search engine.  AND have fun with your social media pages (take a hint from the men from Broward county).


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