Social Media for Small Business: Commit or Quit!

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2014 is the year your small business must invest in social media marketing, or just give up.

I’m a small business owner, so I get it. It’s tough to run a business, sell products and services, network and market. Add social media management to mix, and something has to give. Usually it’s your blog, newsletter or social media accounts.

But dabbling in social media and content marketing is a mistake. It’s a waste of money and time if you’re not consistent and focused. The Social Media landscape has drastically evolved (and continues to evolve) from its beginnings.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (remember them?) began with friends connecting to friends. It wasn’t long until small businesses and big brands realized these virtual gathering places could be potential sales gold mines.

Your Social Media and Content Marketing Competition

    • More than 15 million companies and organizations have a Facebook Page
    • 500 million tweets are sent out each day
    • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
    • 1.2 million products and services are showcased on LinkedIn company pages
    • 8,000 new linked groups are created each week
    • There are 40.5 million new blogs posted each month on WordPress (a popular business platform)
    • There are 2.5 billion monthly page views on Pinterest

And remember as a business, you’re not just competing with other businesses online. You’re also competing with content from friends, family members and news and entertainment sites. It’s overwhelming to think about. It’s also the reason you won’t get any benefit from social media marketing if you don’t invest in it. That means, time, thought, content creation, and yes, money.

Not seeing any results from you social media marketing? This may be why.

According to passle.

    •  1/3 of companies don’t update their business accounts
    • 71 percent of businesses have no successful social media channel
    • 37 percent of businesses do not update their Facebook pages
    • 35 percent of businesses don’t update their blogs (less than three posts a year)

You have to be in the game, if you want to win.

I can’t say this enough: Infrequent posting, and posting without a strategy is a waste of resources. If you aren’t actively, purposefully and strategically using your social media accounts and blogs, it’s better to just take down the accounts all together. But there are some steps you can take to get real results from these tools. I speak from personal experience!

What can you do to create a successful social media campaign?

Step one: Slim it down. Take a look at your total social media marketing efforts. How many accounts does your business have? Which have you updated the most? Where are most of your potential clients?

Today, I challenge you to pick two to three accounts and focus your efforts on those. Delete the rest. You don’t need to be on every social media channel. Don’t you feel better already?

Keep reading over the next few weeks and I’m going to break down specific strategies, tools and resources for blogging and the following social media networks.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest

Stay tuned!

This is the first in a series of articles on creating successful social media and content campaigns for 2014.

–Written by Feoshia H. Davis, owner of Wr!teUp Creative Content. If you need help with your website or e-marketing content, Contact Me today! Or Subscribe to my Blog.

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