Social Media Hype! Don’t believe all that you read

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Social Media Hype

How many of us are seeing the trends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linked, Pinterest, Blogger, Flikr, Tumblr, Digg, Myspace, Buzz, Rippln, etc… (Did I get them all?) and tried to understand each of their importance? You may see posts upon posts of WHY we are supposed to use Social Media everyday to grow our business, brand or personal blogs. What you may not realize is that there is a machine out there, a huge super machine feeding on the hype created by too many organizations surrounding the press of Social Media.

I can tell you from experience, from someone who has authored posts, blogs, websites and many many businesses online that Social Media is an absolute must. With that said, you need to remember it’s overall role in your daily workload and tasks. When you read this, ask yourself, do you have a purpose for using social media?

Social Media in general is a way to interact with near anyone. Yes, it “can” bring you wealth, popularity, success and celebrity status if you are amongst the 1% who knew how to get in early and market it. For the rest of us, we throw out our nets into the world of cyber-space and “hope” it catches someones eye and they read our targeting link on our website.

For the vast majority of bloggers and brand promoters, internet popularity doesn’t come from using social media as much as you may think. Having a website with great SEO is better off in bringing you visits than using Twitter or Facebook in most cases. Now, I’m not saying abandon the social media sites and focus on your website, but your website has to be priority one if you are a brand or company. Remember, a blog is a company. It’s your image online. It’s a place that people can visit just like an online store, read articles, see pictures and get to know you. If they do not like what they see or care who you are, you’ve lost them forever.

So many ad agencies are focused on social media, “Buy Twitter Followers for $19.95” and “increase YOUR Google ranking for $99” but what many need to realize is that the majority of us will not have much success by doing that and you never get back the money spent. Create your own unique identity and build off of that. People take interest, it can just take time.

Now, back to the obvious elephant in the room, how much is too much in social media and how do I handle them all? You don’t. Focus on 1 or 2 sites that attract your target audience. Do you want online engagement, or do you want visitors to your website? Each one of those actually tells me that you need 2 different social media sites helping you here. Twitter is great for quick conversations that attract others into it, but you wont always get a huge responce from links you are posting. Twitter works great for pictures in the feeds, but links back to your Facebook page or website, not so much. In respect, Facebook works great for posting articles and blog style content that attracts conversations with outside links to the world. Think about it. In Twitter, with 140 characters, no one really knows where the links go, and many wont click on a “shortened url” while Facebook shows you the preview of the link with pictures. it just works better.

In a nutshell, know WHY you are using social media and know HOW to use it. Do not believe the HYPE posted everywhere that social media will promote you into super celebrity status by growing followers and likes. If you aren’t using it right, it doesnt matter. I’d rather have 100 followers of engaging people who check out my content than 10,000 who sit by and watch but never engage.

@RobinGReeve – The Walt Disney World Dads, Founder, CEO

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