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Social Media Marketing, Consulting & Application Development

Your Social Media Strategy: Everybody needs one, but no one has the time to implement a plan that makes sense. Having an online persona is no longer considered trendy; it’s necessary in order to establish and maintain your brand. An underdeveloped, unmonitored, or nonexistent social media account threatens to hurt your credibility and professional authority. Businesses are no longer able to communicate with clientele, reach niche markets, or get a leg up on the competition without effectively leveraging social media. In sum, social media is an essential SEO component as it aids in driving traffic to the website you’ve worked so hard to construct.

But with so many mediums out there, it’s hard to know whether to Instagram, Facebook Tumble or Tweet! Our team will help you influence your audience by manipulating the online marketing trends relevant to your specific industry. Let us guide you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and many other networks. We can also assist you by recommending a variety of blogging platforms, and reputation management strategies.

Social Media on Your Website: On your site, our goal is to help expand your organization’s fan base with technical solutions and to assist in creating unique content for sharing whenever possible. We’ll strategically place social media elements on your website to help encourage user engagement, and come up with creative solutions to encourage people already viewing your site to visit your organization’s Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or share a photo on Pinterest.

Project Eve Media can also help promote your products and services on Facebook using custom tabs & applications. Perhaps you’d like to use Facebook commenting on your blog posts, or selectively (and automatically) push content from your website to multiple social media channels at once. Whatever your social media wants or needs might be, let us make it happen.

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