Social media marketing 2020 best practices

social media on a laptop

With 2020 in full swing it’s high time we discovered what kind of trends and practices can we expect from social media this year. Additionally, of course, we have to know how would these practices impact our business.

Social media marketing is incredibly important for your business. Australians alone use social media actively and quite frequently. According to some statistics, around 80% of Aussies are active on social media – that’s a really big percentage. 

Each year technology, platforms, and social media keep growing and advancing and thus giving us opportunities, unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

Let’s quickly jump to the list of best social media marketing practices for 2020.

Social Influencers – especially micro-influencers

This year, social influencers are still going strong. The number of influencers on social media keeps growing so it’s only logical that this trend will continue strong all through 2020.

Social influencers are paid to advertise brands and this kind of marketing practice is currently one of the best and most successful marketing practices. One of the reasons for this is the cost. Imagine how much cheaper it is to invest in influencers compared to huge marketing campaigns. 

If you want to promote your product or business, you’ll not only work with a couple of influencers but with the whole network of them. This includes both micro and macro-influencers. 

It’s noted as of this year, that micro-influencers are being placed into the spotlight while the macro-influencers are losing their spotlight. This may be due to the authenticity of micro-influencers, meaning that they won’t share or support something that they don’t believe in or care about.

What we can take from all this is that while social influencers are still a great way to do social media marketing in 2020, the best thing is to look for authentic micro-influencers who care about what they are promoting.

Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial intelligence in social media marketing

All everyone talks about these days are VR, AR, and AI. The question now is why not use all of these practices for marketing? And that is exactly what is happening this year, marketers are adopting VR/AR/AI capabilities for marketing purposes.

Costumers like to experience items and products before they buy them and this is where VR and AR can come into play. Now, your costumers can try out clothes they want to buy, they can see how a certain piece of furniture will look in their space and so much more.

VR can enable you to be physically placed in a certain simulated environment and thus experience what it would feel like to be there. This can be done by using VR devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift to name a few.

On the other hand, AR enables you to add digital elements to a real, live view. This can be done with just your smartphone camera. Many different platforms use AR filters to give their costumers the possibility to try out clothes and explore products, and so much more.

Artificial intelligence already helps us with social marketing. However, this year, AI innovations will go a step further in helping marketers promote their products.

Employee empowerment

Do you know which brands are the most successful ones? Those who empower their employees. These days employees, all around the world, have a strong voice and a social reach and they can create relevant content for your costumers.

For example, experts in SEO Services in Melbourne or any other bigger city in Australia, are aware that employees are extremely important for the success of any campaign.

It’s important to realize the potential of your employees and their influence on social media. Technically, they can make or break your brand and campaign. So, be smart and listen to your employees!


Videos are still a great social media marketing strategy. They offer a successful and long-term content marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat allow both short and long-form video content – and the users love it!

This means that regardless of how small or big your business is you should take video marketing strategy seriously. However, social media videos require you to make authentic and attention-grabbing content, otherwise, you’re just wasting time. Authentic videos mean that you’ll need to but some serious effort into creating video content.

In Australia, people of all ages love watching videos and the most popular platform for that is YouTube. Statistics say that on average Aussies spend 25h and 40 mins watching videos every month! So, is there a better way to do advertising then videos?

Soon, videos won’t just be a good way to promote and advertise your business, they will be an absolute necessity.

Diversity is the key

It’s important to follow trends and to diversify. Sticking with mainstream social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, even Instagram is ok, but diversity is equally as important. 

Take for example TikTok, it’s been around since 2016 but it’s only now becoming truly popular. This probably because the platform was primarily intended for youngsters between 13 and 24. And the rest of the population didn’t really see its potential. 

It’s 2020 and things are changing. Marketers are only now realizing TikTok’s potential. 

Similarly, Snapchat is another platform that can be used for marketing. This mobile-based platform targets audiences aged 18 to 34, and there are ways in which you can increase your sales by using this platform.


In conclusion, these are merely some of the best social media marketing practices popular this year. The good thing is that some of the old practices are still going strong. But with just a couple of small changes. 

Social media platforms keep growing and they keep giving us amazing opportunities. Opportunities to successfully promote and advertise our businesses. All of that without having to invest copious amounts of money!