3 Things You Should Know About Social Media Sites

3 Things You Should Know About Social Media Sites3 Things You Should Know About Social Media Sites

The changing landscape of marketing has made businesses join the bandwagon of social media sites. With industry experts adapting to these changes, it is no surprise at all that they are embracing new strategies that involve web marketing. However, many are still asking about how effective social media marketing can be and the facts that support this premise. Furthermore, everyone wants to know if social media is just a fad or if it is here to stay. Business Insider Intelligence analyzes the direction of where social media is going and offers a comprehensive guide for businesses to examine the ecosystem.

Business Insider also reports that web and mobile are the two culprits that created the shifting landscape of the advertising ecosystem. While the web revolution ignited this change, mobile created a bigger shift in the landscape as mobile devices and apps were introduced to the market. In fact, they also reported that today there is no single medium that earns more than 45 per cent of media consumption by people. Facebook and Twitter are the top social media networks preferred by online users. Both networks have improved their ad products for businesses, which offer targeting of audience according to specific demographics such as social connections, interests and habits.

Despite the many promises of social media to bring prospects to businesses’ doors, there are still skeptics who do not believe in the power of social media to influence.

Here are the three things you should know about social media sites:

Firstly, social media marketing is very attractive for businesses because of the cost effective and easy initiation of viral marketing. Social networks have greatly and effectively improved their ad campaigns that utilize pertinent information such as enormous user bases and deep databases. These social networks become not just only an advertising platform but a stage where their marketing campaign can reach millions of users with their unique content. Secondly, social media marketing offers a strategic placement of ads on users’ feeds and this makes it all the more attractive for prospects to see these messages and for the business owners to pay up. Lastly, social media is still in the beginning process and because of its young age it is set to mature into the next big thing.

Looking into a bright future for social media

The desire to implant themselves in the very fiber of everyday routine of online users, such as social networking, has never been this strong which makes online marketing all the more appealing for business owners. As the world continuously veer from traditional ways of marketing and advertising, the desire for guaranteed attention seems to be working well on social networks. Business Insider also foresees the explosion of social media marketing in the future because according to them, it has just started and we are looking into a promising future in the field.


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