Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses

Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses

“With over 60% of all private sectors, non-farm jobs coming from small business, it is a proven fact that small businesses are critical to the United States economy.”(Source: we help small businesses and start-ups grow we are helping the economy, and creating an environment where people are hired, instead of fired.

So, while I spent this past week researching everything I could about Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses , I came across this great opportunity.  The CEO of a New York Based Digital Marketing Agency let me interview him about social media! This does not happen! BUT, it happened to me and I am just going to smile and dance with excitement from here until eternity.Who better to learn about Social Media from, then someone who does it professionally? Especially, from an agency who works with small businesses all the time. I think I won the jackpot.

Another win for small businesses today, if I say so myself!

Matt O’Grady from Harmonia Media gave me some quick tips to share with Small Business Owners who are starting out in Social Media.
I hope it will help you, and your business, as much as it helped me!

1. What advice would you give a Start-Up or Small Business looking to get into Social Media for the first time?

“Get really clear on your objectives, milestones and benchmarks before embarking on any initiative so that you have something to aim for, measure to and follow through on.”-Matt

2. On average, how much should a Small Business tweet/post on the daily? Especially when starting out.

“There is no perfect formula, it really depends on the type of business and their objectives. However, a minimum of daily interaction is important when starting out, and it should be real, fun and brand related.”-Matt

3. Language and tone is so important to your Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses , how can a more corporate or serious business make an impact and engage followers? Should they change their tone on social media or keep with their “corporate” speak?

“If they stay in ‘corporate speak’ there will be tumbleweeds rolling through their SM sites! It’s about engagement, interactivity, asking questions and finding out what your customers, and potential customers, really care about, think and want in future products and services. That information is a gold mine if you know how to mine it!”-Matt

4. How can a Small Business a Social Media Strategy to increase sales?

There is a longer answer to this of course but one way is to share customer testimonials and success stories.”-Matt


5. If a customer gives a bad review about a business or brand on social media, what would be the best next step for a business or brand to counteract or manage the situation?


There are some experts out there that say just ignore it. I could not disagree more. I think it’s best to react immediately asking them to call customer service or to send an email with more detail so their situation can be resolved as quickly possible. Why not show off your customer service integrity and do your best to solve your customer’s problem? All the while showing the world how much you care and stand by your product and services.”-Matt

Harmonia Media is a business consulting and marketing company that provides low-cost, high-quality digital and internet marketing solutions.


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