Someone Hacked My Website!

You’ve heard the ugly stories. You’ve seen the gut-wrenching evidence. Chances are you’ve even known someone afflicted by this horrid occurrence. As the population relies more and more heavily on the Internet, hackers have begun to take advantage of insecure platforms and accounts, and they may be capable of infiltrating your website too.

I Was Hacked… Now What?!

1. Update and Strengthen ALL Passwords Immediately – Don’t just focus on the hacked site’s password, especially if your passwords have related themes or features.
2. Update and Scan Your Computer – Make sure all browsers and systems are up-to-date, and be sure to scan your computer for viruses or malicious software.
3. Talk to an Expert – To begin recovering your site, ask a tech geek about beginning to:
-Recover (the hacked website)
-Rehabilitate (any problems)
-Review (a newly secure site)
4. Acknowledge the Hack – Recognize that your site will need to be monitored more closely and add additional security and protection.

6 Tips to Protect Your Site from Hackers:

1. PASSWORDS, PASSWORDS, PASSWORDS! – Make sure that the passwords you use for all of your logins are different from one another and contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
– Password Generators are available to create secure, but still easily recallable, passwords
– Password Managers offer a secure alternative to remembering many random sequences
2. Update Your Software and Web Browser –Updates are most always free and easy to install, but if your system hasn’t been updated, hackers are more likely to take advantage of known security flaws and more easily infiltrate your computer networks.
3. Download Security Software – Get a jump start on protecting yourself by downloading security software that will alert you to any potentially harmful threats.
4. Delete Your Old Accounts – Social media accounts that you no longer use may contain personal information that hackers could exploit to steal your current passwords.
5. Download a WordPress Plugin – WordPress has long generated millions of users, and with all of those contributors come hackers ready to cause mischief. By simply downloading one of many WordPress plugins, you’ll be protected in a multitude of tech savvy ways.
6. Back Up Your Information – If, somehow, a hacker does manage to get a hold of your information, it’s crucial that you’ve invested in an external hard drive or an online account to back up your files; you’ll be grateful for the peace of mind saving your data provides.

Hackers may be motivated to compromise your site for a variety of reasons. Yet, by understanding how to better secure your site, and staying aware of the online dangers, there is a greater likelihood that your site remains in your control.

This post is from Bola Olonisakin, Creative Head & Online Strategist at GTechDesigns LLC. Bola specializes in web design and development techniques, standards and methodology. She works to enable organizations to grow their web strategy and increase the visibility of their websites. If you’re interested in improving your web presence, feel free to contact her at [email protected], or @gtechdesigns on Twitter. This post was originally posted at

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