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Speaking to customers, clients and colleagues builds up relationships! It’s true! In a world where communication is mainly digital, we are using a powerful business tool less and less: namely speaking to others, either on the phone, Skype or even face to face. The number of times I’ve decided to pick up the phone, instead of emailing – resulting in me finding out useful information, is immense! When I haven’t had responses from long time customers, only to find they have moved on. BUT because I’ve picked up the phone, I develop a relationship with another person in the company, or I find out very useful information about the company. The number of times I’ve had “Oh I was just thinking of you!” and we’ve then discussed some work – isn’t uncanny – it’s great because I’ve made the most of my communications.

I can see the power of talking to clients, customers and colleagues, on the phone and via Skype. SO I’ve decided to challenge myself – and YOU to pick up the phone and speak to more clients and colleagues in April with the Telephone Challenge.

I am challenging everyone to reconnect with clients, old customers and colleagues by picking up the phone and speaking to them. This could be challenging yourself to make 10 phone calls to old clients in April – rather than email them! Or picking up the phone to discuss a project rather than having an email tennis match pinging emails across!

When you register on the Telephone challenge, you will receive a workbook in April, giving you some support and a game plan for your calls. You will also have access to four free tele-calls where I shall share tips on preparing and making effective telephone calls.

The Telephone challenge IS NOT about cold calling, but re-connecting and TALKING to your contacts. So go on, challenge yourself! I’d love to have you on board for the challenge!


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