Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring cleaning probably means different things to different people. For me, spring cleaning is a deep cleaning that usually takes place once a year. For instance, I only clean my windowsills, outside windows and ceiling fans once a year, unless luck shines upon them, and they get an additional cleaning. Incorporate the help of your family to not only make the process go faster, but it will be more fun!

I appreciate that companies try to help us by creating products designed to make our cleaning tasks virtually effortless. Windex makes the outside window cleaner that attaches to your garden hose so you can clean them streak free with no wiping. It is great in theory, but I have yet to use it. Swiffers are one of the greatest inventions when it comes to cleaning, and who doesn’t love the self-cleaning oven? Put on some great music or listen to audio books, and let’s get started.

Spring makes us feel renewed, reinvigorated, fresh and lighter, so purge now! Let’s begin our spring cleaning by removing clutter  that we don’t use or need.

  1. Sort through closets, cupboards and toy chests to find items that you haven’t worn, have outgrown, or simply no longer need. It’s easy to find organizations that will gladly accept your donation of gently used items. The Goodwill or The Salvation Army are two options. Children should help you go through their toys and decide which ones they will donate. It is best to establish a certain number of toys before you start sorting. Throw out broken toys, mismatched Tupperware, worn or discolored linens, and old magazines.
  2. Gather your cleaning supplies before you start, so you won’t have an excuse to stop once you begin. Basic cleaning supplies may include glass cleaner, wood polish, a broom or Swiffer mop, ammonia, vacuum, rags, dish soap, and stainless steel wipes.
  3. In the kitchen, your microwave is going to need a good cleaning inside and out. Your children can help remove items from the refrigerator so you can wipe down all the shelves and drawers. It is a good time to vacuum the coils behind the refrigerator and clean the floor underneath. Sort through your bowls and Tupperware to organize and make sure you have lids to match. Inventory items in your pantry and dispose of expired spices and other products. Organize your flatware and wipe out the flatware tray. Your kiddos will love putting the flatware back in the tray!
  4. In the bathroom, vacuum or dust the vents and the fans. Clean the window coverings, windows, and windowsills. Dust the baseboards and picture frames, sort through the medicine cabinet and linen closet and toss out expired medications and worn or stained linens.
  5. In the bedroom, wash all bedding, comforters, pads, and pillows. It is a perfect time to vacuum and flip your mattress, and clean under your bed. Children love to crawl under the bed, so put an old pair of socks over their hands and let them dust away!
  6. In the living area, dust the ceiling fan, baseboards, bookshelves, books, lampshades, electronics and the TV screen. Vacuum the furniture, clean the accent pillows, rugs, and carpets. If heavily soiled, you may need to call a professional cleaner.
  7. Outdoor tasks may include cleaning the grill and grates, windows, and patio furniture. Give your kids a bucket and sponge, turn on some water, and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Spring cleaning is the right of passage out of the winter blues, so embrace the cleaning and rejoice that you have yet another spring to get your home running more efficiently and looking better.

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