Spring Forward or Fall Back?


We all dread this time of year because the days become shorter.  It’s dark when we leave for work and it’s dark when we get home.  Daylight savings time requires us to turn the hands of time back literally.  Lose an hour and as they say “fall back”.  As with the clock, there is also a time when it is appropriate to fall back at work.  Now I know us savvy girls are always looking for ways to spring forward, but sometimes falling back will do you good.


Feeling Overwhelmed


When you start to feel overwhelmed, like you have too much on your plate, that is a good indication to fall back.  I am not saying throw all your papers up in the air and just walk away like in the comic strips.  However, take a step back and breathe.  Look at the projects that you are working on, reevaluate your priorities, and reset deadlines so that you are not as stressed.  When stress takes over your work life, you make mistakes and that ultimately leads to more work and less efficiency. Savvy girls recognize when stress sneaks up on them and they are feeling overworked.  Don’t fret, take a little time to regroup and then get back to things with a fresh perspective.


Out of Your League


It may be time to step away from things at work when you are out of your league.  If you are over your head with a project that is out of your scope, don’t be afraid to step back and let someone know.  Raising your hand for help is only empowering yourself to learn and let’s leadership know that you are not just looking out for yourself but really concerned about accomplishing business goals.  What you do not want to do is to keep getting in deeper and deeper when you know you don’t know what you are doing.  Big no-no.  Fall back when you know that you are not doing your best work.


Head Not in the Game


When your head is just not in the game, then you should lean back and clear your mind.  We all have bad days.  They will come over and over again throughout the many years of your career.  On those bad days, whether because of personal or professional reasons, you should fall back and take time to get yourself together.  You will suffer loss, heartbreak, frustration, and illness at sometime or another at work and during those emotional times you are not in the right frame of mind to do your best work.  When those days come, be aware and walk away from doing anything that takes serious brainpower.


While most of the time a savvy girl is moving full steam ahead, there are times when you should fall back.  If you are feel overwhelmed at work, in over your head, or just having a bad day, then take moment away from work to recuperate and then come back to the job and hit the ground running.


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