Start Your Marriage Smart: Elope.


The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $25,200.

The number one reason for divorce is money.

Let those two facts sink in until you realize how stupid it is to spend that amount of money on a wedding. Unless you have money growing out of your ears, then you shouldn’t even try to afford that.

After all, what is a wedding?
A wedding is a celebration of two people vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. Society and our culture (along with many others) have created weddings to be so extreme that they aren’t enjoyable.

I definitely don’t understand the hype of weddings. I’m a small-town, minimalist type of person that never has had that dream of a huge wedding ever since I was a little girl. No, I am quite the opposite.

The idea of a big wedding actually puts me into panic mode. If you want all eyes on you, throw a wedding dress on and drive yourself to the mall. Trust me, everyone will be looking.

So try not to start your marriage off with the number one reason for divorce. Elope.

My husband and I eloped for several different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

We bought our own home the day before we left to elope. We definitely wouldn’t have able to put down the down payment that we did on our home if we had chosen to have a fancy wedding.
We stayed in a log cabin in a touristy area. It was a vacation that we just happened to get married on. Plus, the term “eloping” makes it seem a bit rebellious.
Focused on each other.

There were no feelings of caring about what anyone thought about my dress, how long we had been dating, or any other stupid thing that I would typically worry about. Nobody else mattered and that is how it should be.

My family lived about 500 miles away when we got married. I didn’t want to put anyone out for something like a wedding. They met my husband before he was my fiancé and that is what was important to me. Not a wedding.
Both of our families get along. Unfortunately, some people aren’t as blessed. There’s a lot of stress involved if your family doesn’t get along with his family. Or, a lot of people stress about their own families’ fighting. When you elope, you don’t have these unnecessary worries.

Our biggest stress of the whole marriage process was finding the courthouse to apply for our marriage license.

If you have been debating whether or not to elope, I would highly recommend it. If your biggest concern is letting other people down, then I would say definitely elope. One thing that I have learned from Bridezillas is this:

Your wedding is about you.

It’s your day- do what you want.

One common misconception about eloping is that it’s boring. It’s actually quite the opposite. The ceremony can be however you want it to be: short & quick or romantic & memorable.

Another great point about eloping is that you have more money for the honeymoon. Actually, your elopement can be your honeymoon, like ours was. Ideas for eloping:

Vegas, of course.
So do I have any regrets about eloping?

Absolutely not.

I never had the “big wedding” dream as a little girl so I guess my decision to elope was easy. Not only am I shy and actually despise being the center of attention, but I am very money-savvy.

The only relief that you should feel after your wedding is that you found your perfect match. Sadly, many people feel relieved that the wedding is finally over. You know, the one that cost more than the brand new car that they don’t have.

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