Starting a Raw Food Diet



From A to Z, there are all kinds of diets out there with all kinds of promises. Many of us have tried one or two or maybe even three. That number may even be higher if you’re not getting results you’re looking for.


One of the popular diets out there is the Raw Food Diet. While there are several “super foods” out there when it comes to dieting, this one is different. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Raw Food Diet is basically made up of a majority of raw food with hardly anything processed or cooked. The idea here is that the more raw foods you eat, the healthier you will be. Cooking raw food breaks down enzymes and vitamins. If you’re not cooking the food, then the body is absorbing more of enzymes and vitamins.

If you’re thinking about giving this one a go, here are a few things to consider:

Make Sure You Like Fruits & Veggies

Since the majority of the diet is made up of these foods, you better make sure like them! If you only like one or two fruits or veggies, this may not be the diet for you. You can also have seeds, nuts, and sprouted grains. Your food can be mildly warm, but cannot go above 118 degrees. Also, you may want to invest in a food dehydrator or juicer to give you a little variety in the way your raw food is prepared.

Be Ready to Put in the Effort

While simply eating raw foods sounds easy, it’s going to take effort. If you truly want to follow it, you need to take things into consideration, like going out to eat. It may not be as fun and exciting when everyone else is chowing down on a hearty meal and you’re not. If you can handle it, then go for it!


Will I Feel Full Enough?


Since you’re eating differently, many ask if they’ll always be hungry. Experts say no. Since you are eating high protein foods, you are more apt to stay fuller longer. If you are still hungry, you can always add more food to your diet, as long as you stay within the “raw” guidelines.


Weight Loss


Since you are eating all natural food, you will most likely shed some pounds, but of course there is no guarantee.


Watch Your Vitamins


As with any diet change, make sure you are getting enough iron, protein, and calcium. Try to balance it out as much as you can with the foods you are allowed to eat under the Raw Food Diet guidelines.


The Raw Food Diet may not only require a major change in diet, but also way of life. While it may seem appealing, be sure it is the right plan for you. As with any diet or weight loss program, be sure check with your doctor first.







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