Starting Over as a “Person of a Certain Age”

Starting Over as a "Person of a Certain Age"
Starting Over as a “Person of a Certain Age”

Starting Over as a “Person of a Certain Age”

After working for 30 years, unfortunate incidents have happened to me on a personal and professional level that required me to jumpstart my life to keep moving forward.  Based upon current events, I believe there are thousands that are in this situation of starting over at a certain age.  See some of the ‘tips” on how I’m working to keep it together to avoid getting stuck or depressed.

Have a circle of trusted friends:  Don’t be concerned if this circle is extremely small.  Your circle may be very small, but it’s ok.  Realize that everyone does not deserve a front row seat in your life.  Make the choice to cut the haters and those who don’t wish the best for you.  You will be better off without them in your life.

Exercise:  Even though I sometimes don’t feel like it, once I get to the gym, I tell myself it will be worth it.  Exercise has also proven to be a great stress reliever for me, especially cardio kick boxing.

Do something good for at least one person every day:  Last week, I was in a big box store and I heard a little boy crying.  I saw a handsome little boy in the distance.  He looked to be 2 years old and was crying saying he wanted his grandma.  I saw several people walk past him.  I went to him and comforted him and asked him if any of the persons near us was his grandma.   I asked him to just stand there with me and I located a store official to give notification of a lost child.  Within a minute, family members came looking for him (including grandma).  He easily identified his family and I informed his grandma that he had been taught well because he knew who to ask for and he made sure someone knew he needed help.  It felt so good to help!  I call this the Samaritan principle.

Focus on the Big Picture:  What is my goal?  What am I living for?  Are you standing for something that will affect the greater good for humanity.   I realized I must see a current Federal case through to improve the rights of Women from race and gender discrimination.

Take life one day at a time:  I tell my son this statement often.  We live by it.  Due to the stress on my family, he was inflicted with a crippling illness at the age of 14, so life has been difficult for our family due to this and the pressure placed upon me due to a legal case.  Recognize and embrace your inner strength.  I pray often and believe that my faith in God will sustain me.   Know Your Strength Today!

How did you survive a life circumstance that required you to start over?  Did you do any of the suggestions listed above?  Share your situation.


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