Starting Up and Starting Over

Many people talk about starting up and starting over in a career or business venture as though they are separate. For many who have been dissatisfied with their job circumstances, a business startup can be a means of starting over fresh. You will do best in these circumstances if you keep an open mind about your possibilities.

It’s helpful to remember the fact that many people get stuck in unsatisfactory jobs because they feel as though the job is the only option. However, statistics that suggest a majority of workers are unhappy with their lives are worth paying attention to.

However, there are some ways in which workers can keep themselves out of a rut, as well as prepare themselves for something better. Regardless of whether the ultimate goal is finding a better position or going out on your own with a startup, you will want to keep some common advice in mind.

There’s Never a Bad Time to Make a Change

Most of us encounter people in our daily lives who are unhappy with their career or some other aspect of their professional lives. Some of the people that have serious dissatisfaction with their careers or job prospects are quite young. Another fact of note is that not all find that their job situation is disappointing when they have been at the company for a long time. Some people find that they are in a bad job situation after they have been with a company for a short time.

One very common pitfall that people must avoid in the workplace is taking a job because of the money that it pays, without considering whether it is something that they love. Many job-related ruts start this way. Find a balance between the right pay rate and work you enjoy, and you’ll have a more satisfying life.

Some people avoid changing careers or starting a company to do what they love because they’re afraid their time has passed. Many in this situation decide to wait things out until their planned retirement, instead of making a change. However, this move can do more harm than good if the job situation itself is too stressful.

Investment professionals frequently follow up on stories of startups that arose out of a desire to take a more fulfilling career path. Some, such as Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch, devote a lot of time to following stories of startups. With more of these startup efforts attracting public attention, it is likely that more people with unsatisfactory jobs will give these options a second look.

Acting Instead of Merely Thinking Makes a Difference

It’s not uncommon to express sentiments that you’re unhappy with things and would like them to change. However, such expressions should never be turned into excuses to not to give everything your best effort. It is all too easy to find yourself trapped into wishing that things will be better without doing anything to change them.

Because the future is never guaranteed for anyone, it is better to act than wait and regret it later. For example, a person with a position they hate may keep their availability for a new position open. If you desire to start a new company, you can try starting it in your free time.

Spend some time thinking about what you either have to gain or lose from following your dream. You could find that what you stand to gain outweighs any possible losses. In many cases, making the effort to bring about some changes helps.

Taking the Necessary Steps

It’s always a good idea to seek out sound financial planning advice early on if you’re planning on a startup. Even if you are still working with your employer, it will be helpful to lay the foundations for your startup idea. After all, very few people have the resources to leave their current job altogether to support a startup.

Whenever your job situation is not secure or otherwise unsatisfactory, it helps to take an honest assessment of your finances. You want to be well prepared in the event you lose your job or some other unforeseen disaster arises. Having some degree of financial security will make it easier to leave a bad job situation.

In most cases, people who switch careers will have to balance work and personal obligations. However, with a startup, you will need to balance your work there with your existing job. Some who have enough savings built up prefer to try to live off their savings until the business pays off.

There Is Always Hope for the Future

As long as you have some sort of vision for the future, you have a good chance of starting up a successful new business. With a startup-friendly job market, you can be sure that there is a way of finding an option that has client appeal and allows you to play to your professional strengths. Always keep a hopeful outlook where the future is concerned.


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