Starting Up: Hair Salon Equipment

Shopping! Yay that’s the fun part of starting any new business at least it is for us. Assembling all the hair salon equipment will probably be the fun part. We’ve got some great idea to help you do that below. You’ll also want to think about the business part too. With that in mind we’ve also Even if it doesn’t sound as fun if you get a jump on it from the start you can focus on the fun parts and even make it easier for customers to find you.

hair salon equipment

When you are thinking about what hair salon equipment to assemble you’ll  want to think about who your key customers are. When we were helping a friend set up her mobile salon business we initially figured her house call business would focus on helping folks at get prepped for events and weddings mainly focusing on blowouts and updos. That is still a part of her business. However, after she launched it became clear there was also huge demand from the retirement communities in her area. With different clients and a different schedule she found she needed more standing hair dryers!

Before we move on to your shopping list for hair salon equipment here are some great resources that can help you make your startup get off to a smooth start.

Stocking Up on Hair Salon Equipment -Yay the Fun Part!

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Hope all these great ideas for hair salon equipment help give you a great start on your road to launch!


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