Startup: how to set up your company website

Choose a web host

When the Internet first started to become part of everyday life, creating a new website involved either paying an expert programmer to do it or taking the time to learn the nuts and bolts of HTML. However, setting up a business website is now easier than ever, and by using a simple web building tool such as the 1&1 MyWebsite Service, your company can have a premium online presence in a matter of minutes.

Choose your company’s domain name

A domain name is the address of your website. It must be completely unique, and there are certain rules surrounding the symbols and suffixes that can be used. A domain registrar will allow you to enter your desired domain name into a search tool in order to check that it is available, and you can usually go right ahead and pay for it by clicking a payment link. You will need to renew the registration and pay a small fee for the privilege every year.

Choose a web host

A web host is the company that provides you with the storage capacity and bandwidth required to store your website’s files and facilitate the flow of traffic. For either a monthly or annual charge, the hosting company will give your website a permanent home, as well as a range of services that could help with the building and maintenance of your site.

Website design

If the domain name and web host are the bricks and mortar of your new website, your newly designed web pages are the fixtures and fittings. Unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of web coding, you will probably need help from an expert. However, there are some excellent web editors now available, which means creating web pages and adding content is a simple case of opening files, clicking links and dragging boxes. There are also some free resources available that make design and content management an exceptionally simple process; amongst the most popular are WordPress and Joomla. These content management systems allow you to add new features such as shopping carts and Twitter feeds using easy-to-install widgets and plugins.

Building a great business website now takes just a few hours, and with so many great web building packages and hosting services to choose from, there’s no reason why your new site can’t stand out from those of your competitors.

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