Managing Expectations

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Tick-tock, tick-tock.
I have timely news for you. Your launch may take you twice as long and cost double what was expected, and that’s the best-case scenario. The bottom line is that it’s tough to deliver when and what you intend to. Schedules are shifted, budgets are rebalanced and the original scope is tweaked, prodded and pivoted. However, you are in good company – even our favorite fruit company had delayed their phone shipments in the past.

When I first decided to pursue one of my business ideas – I couldn’t wait to tell every person I met about the upcoming launch date and plans for growth in order to generate some future buzz. I naively believed that 2-3 months sounded like a fair benchmark – even though I never actually sat down to calculate the possible timelines, nor assess all the tasks required. As I started working, minutes swirled into weeks. As I approached nearly 4 months after my initial rants, I sheepishly shared a defunct prototype with just a few people. Everything took longer than I expected, and the output looked much more different than what was in my head.

To keep assess actual timelines and things on track, I recommend BaseCamp and DeskAway. Both have a free trial period, and are cloud-based solutions that you can use either immediately. Allocate tasks to your whole team, check on the status in real time and keep track of a lot more in order to avoid an #entrepreneurfail. These are all baby steps to delivering on your launch date.

Have you met all your deadlines? How did you manage expectations? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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