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What does colorstock do? Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.

colorstock is a digital stock library filling the growing need for authentic depictions of people of color. We offer images of Black, Asian, Latino, and other ethnically diverse people at work and at play, reflecting their nuanced lives in realistic ways.

What inspired you to launch colorstock?

colorstock was borne out of frustration. As a PR and branding professional, I often had trouble finding images of people who looked like me and my colleagues. I simply couldn’t find authentic photos of my client’s audiences. This isn’t to say that stock images of people of color don’t exist, but they certainly aren’t viewed through the lens of the people they’re intended to represent.

What problem does colorstock solve?

colorstock helps marketers accurately reflect their customers by changing the hue of their stock photos.

What has been your biggest challenge starting colorstock and how are you working to overcome it?

Self-care. I am an advocate for taking care of yourself first, and business second. Self-care is one of colorstock’s guiding principles. I take monthly digital diets (as explained in my TEDx Talk) and I encourage everyone that I encounter to do the same. These periods of rest allow time for reflection and solitude; a must have in today’s hectic society.

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What milestone do you hope colorstock will have surpassed one year from now?

One year from now, colorstock hopes to have significantly increased and expanded our collection to include videos, audio and vectors.

How has Project Eve helped you and orcolorstock?

I love reading the stories from other women. Everyone’s walks a different path.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or the startup story for colorstock

Photos are everywhere on the internet, but nuanced visuals that tell stories will always be king.

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