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Purposeful Professional Development

What does Daemon Career Coach do? Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.

The Daemon Career Coach enables individuals to close the gap between what they think they can do and what they can REALLY achieve in their professional world. Rebecca moves fluidly between the techniques of coaching, clinical supervision & organisational facilitation, to enable individuals to secure the right role, within a professional environment that works well for them. This is Purposeful Professional Development.

What inspired you to launch Daemon Career Coach?

My love of empowering people began in my early twenties when I became a Team Leader for the Princes Trust. I witnessed, over and over, the profound impact that ‘opportunity’, presented compassionately to individuals, could have on lives. The challenges we confronted together enabled them see themselves from a totally new perspective. From this place literally anything was possible, both for Team Members and for me. The doors of opportunity flew open and these people went right through them out into the world to do extraordinary things. This was a taste of a juicy and satisfying fulfilling work I have never forgotten.

Then we entered the frustrating fifteen years of my career. The years filled with what I felt were failures. The years where I quit roles that didn’t quite fit, keeping moving. The years where I felt my confidence being corroded in the corporate world as I sought over and over the role or organisation where I could feel satisfaction. This too fuels my coaching practice now, because now I know that with the right support, a career path does not have to be so painful. These people and places, these bruising or unsatisfying experiences were a process of elimination. A process where I was choosing what I did and did not want. Unbeknownst to me, this was the gaining of the skills I needed to take forward to my future. This was the process of my firmly jettisoning the working cultures and protocols that suffocated.

My one wish was that there had been a way of knowing this bruising bit of the journey was productive. I needed something to help me realise during that time, just how valuable this process was. As someone who was told I ‘could do anything’, but, having no idea what that ‘thing’ was. I felt deeply distressed and inadequate as I saw my peers gain status and good wages whilst I felt I ‘wasted’ chances that came my way. I tried them and they weren’t my thing. How could I find my thing? I despaired. Little did I know I was working my way towards my real professional purpose.

What problem does Daemon Career Coach solve?

I work with a multitude of individuals who are bright, capable of ‘doing anything’, yet cannot seem to find the career path that will satisfy them. These individuals may be bruised, and disheartened in their work experiences. These individuals might be unable to realise, or perhaps can no longer even recognise, the potential they had been told that they have. These people cannot find their ‘Thing’ either. This is why I birthed The Daemon Career Coach: To enable other people to find their own ‘Thing. I mirror people’s brilliance right back at them. I bring cross-sector experiences and my knowledge of a wide variety of working cultures to inform our coaching work. I enable individuals to harness all their previous experiences, the skills they had gained, and, I enable them refine just where they want to anchor these unique resources. Very swiftly, with the right support, each person’s past can inform the foundations of their very firm and productive professional future.

What has been your biggest challenge starting Daemon Career Coach and how are you working to overcome it?

Impostor Syndrome: This is very common in high performing women. Whilst everyone around me, both in my personal and my professional worlds knew i had both the skill and the drive to engage with this enterprise, it was me who doubted myself. The solution? Take a very deep breath and just do it! The more I ‘Just do it’ the easier it gets. it has been worth taking the risk, over and over, to gain the huge satisfaction of realising i can and indeed i AM doing this. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling way to earn a living.

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What milestone do you hope Daemon Career Coach will have surpassed one year from now?

In my second year of trading I look forward to working with my 100th Career Coaching Client (then some more). I also look forward to establishing the entrepreneurial workshops that will enable coaching clients past, present and future to strengthen their authentic connection with their own enterprises and grow them accordingly.

How has Project Eve helped you and orDaemon Career Coach?

Project Eve shares stories of other women’s journeys in order to inspire hope for both myself and for the clients that I work with. Knowing of others hopes, fears and successes gives us all permission to try!

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or the startup story for Daemon Career Coach

The To-Do List: Do you ever look at your to-do list and know that, whilst you’re keeping all the small jobs ticking over, there’s a biggie on there that you’re avoiding? And does avoiding it make it go away? And do you lose the satisfaction of ever getting to the bottom of the list? And does the fear of the big task grow? Might it be time to start with the difficult bit and at last breathe a sigh of satisfaction? Just saying….

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