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Transformational Leadership Program and literature.

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My Humble Beginnings:

It was 1987 I had just graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS in Guidance/Counseling with no prospects for the future. I enrolled in Graduate school and continued my studies but soon found my plan to spend my life at the University come to an end.

My search for ways to spend my time landed me at the Crisis Center in Louisville, KY as a volunteer phone counselor. Soon thereafter, I discovered that my environment gave me clues to my emotional and mental state.

I did manage to find a job but it was in Brooksville, Florida as a Camp Counselor for emotionally disturbed girls. I would have to leave my daughter for over two years with her father’s family that would prove to be another costly mistake that at another time and post I will address.

At camp is where I first began to have enough quiet time to journal. The camp was in a wilderness setting that gave me a chance to get in touch my own emotions scars whilst I helped the campers through their own problems using Reality Therapy.

Poetry was how I expressed my truth. It put me in touch with my deepest pain and my greatest joy. This was a pivotal point that helped me to discover my calling as an Educator.

Realizing an Outward Sense of Purpose:

When I returned home after spending two and a half years in Florida all I could think of was how I could open a program or a home for emotional disturbed girls. This never happened. I had to find a way to make a living, education opened to me.

I completed my studies in Louisville at the School of Education but teaching was never on my radar. Suddenly I was in the education arena teaching at public schools. I invested over one hundred percent of my time and effort to make it work. It would prove fruitless.

I was an elementary school teacher. Every year I changed classrooms trying to find my niche. I found no camaraderie with my peers or principal. However, there were bright moments in my nine years as a classroom teacher.

It was within my Buddhist practice that I found meaning and purpose which before I had neither. I attended two Education conferences in Florida. There I found a sense of hope. We discussed a renewed purpose for education. It was determined by the participants at the conference that the educator was the single important factor in changing the world. This gave me confidence. I returned to school only to be met with resistance and business as usual.

Disillusionment and the Perfect Storm:

I continued to search for Purpose and Meaning.
What I found in education was the opposite of what I learned at the conferences. Education took on a new meaning. Teaching children to take a test was the purpose of education. Giving difficult teaching assignments to new teachers was the protocol. Making children wear uniforms during times of war and insisting on a nationalist agenda went against all that I thought was the purpose of education. This was not the place for me.

Two Thousand One was the Year of the Perfect Storm!:

I walked away from my career as a teacher; from my marriage to the man that I always loved; and the faith organization where I had dedicated over fifteen years of my life.

Sitting at home looking for a way to express my grief, poetry and writing open the floodgates to my sorrow. It would flow for many years. Stories, articles and poetry found its way on empty pages. Still I did not have a way to find meaning and purpose for my life. This would time I began another search but it would be more focused and inner directed.

Realizing an Authentic Sense of Purpose:

Thirteen years later, my Blog and now this book I am writing expresses my deepest hope for humanity. I write to express my Humanity and to restore my Emotional and Mental Wellbeing. Writing helps me to make sense of the world. Book Talks are how I will continue with my love for teaching.

I write to reconstruct my life. Writing helped me to discover the Seven Keys to Self-Realization. The Keys are a PANACEA for achieving Optimum Emotional and Mental Wellbeing.

Teaching these keys in on-line training is how I will make a difference in the world and fulfill my highest potential as a Human Being. My hope is to restore the balance of feminine power by empowering women to fulfill their dreams and highest aspirations.

What problem does your business or organization solve?
The need for a feminine model of leadership? & Feminine Empowerment in the family, business and community.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and how are you working to overcome it?
Financial; and how to structure a business that expresses my deepest feeling and goals.

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Provided an additional platform from which to launch my business and products.

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Feminine Empowerment and Leadership.

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