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Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.
Pooja and Ujjwal are the founders of Indiabazaaronline, an online shopping store launched in 2012. Indiabazaaronline is a one place shop for the various Indian outfits like salwar suits, sarees, sherwanis, Indowestern Dresses, kurta Payjama, Lehenga choli and a whole lot more.

What inspired you to launch your business idea?
One day just like that, we were sitting in a coffee outlet, having a random discussion about so many business opportunities coming along these days. Just than Pooja told me about the boom in the fashion industry and gave me an idea to launch an online shopping store in partnership. That thought actually clicked my mind and see now here I am (the owner of Indiabazaaronline).

What problem does your business or organization solve?
Indiabazaaronline also provide a platform to all the young, talented fashion designers to showcase their designs to the whole world and make their designs popular worldwide, which is certainly a very big thing for new designers. India is one such country where still, online shopping is not upto the reach of each audience and many people don’t feel comfortable purchasing something without even viewing it. But same is not the case in every part of India, especially in the metro cities wherein people opt more for the online shopping. So, it can be said that the online shopping trend in India, is still in a developing phase but definitely it will rule in the future. Indiabazaaronline serves as a platform for those people who find it hard to get Indian clothes at best price in their countries.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and how are you working to overcome it?
Nothing can be more powerful than our destiny. Yes, this is what I (Ujjawal Yadav), founder of Indiabazaaronline, actually feels especially now when I (an IT expert) left a lucrative job with one of the leading IT based MNC just to become an entrepreneur. It’s not that I am not happy being an entrepreneur, I am actually enjoying every bit of it, being your own boss is simply amazing and feels like nothing could have been better than this. I had never thought I would ever be an entrepreneur (anything else I would have thought but not entrepreneur for sure).

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.

How has Project Eve helped you and/or your business?
Project Eve has helped us in grooming our businees and made our business reach at a world wide platform.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or startup story.
Fashion industry is very vast which keeps on changing very quickly. In the era of fashion, whatever outfil you wear, just don’t wear it for the sake of fashion. Wear what looks good on you and you should feel comfortable wearing it.

Company: Indiabazaaronline


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