Startup Stories: Katie Danziger, Founder of Nomie Baby

Startup Stories: Katie Danziger, Founder of Nomie Baby“I had no intention of starting a company,” explained Katie Danziger, Founder and CEO of Nomie Baby, LLC. This is classic tale of a business stemming from the idea that “there has to be a better way.” Danziger is a mother of three, and the unprecedented mompreneur behind the Nomie Baby brand.

Nomie Baby solves the problem of creating the previously non-existent machine-washable car seat covers. When trying to clean her car seat cover for her third child, Danziger realized that it was not machine washable and that it was a much more complicated process than necessary. She began looking online for a product that would solve her travel woes, but much to her dismay, nothing existed. She wondered how it was possible that something like this had not yet been created.

“I knew that I wasn’t the only one who has this problem – my child is not the only messy kid.”

She began cutting the fabric from her daughter’s changing pad cover and building prototypes, with no sewing experience whatsoever, until she fashioned a mockup of what she envisioned the car seat cover to look like. With original intentions of using this for her own personal use, she was happy to also make them for her friends who requested covers, as well.

She ran into a “problem” when she found out that the company in China creating this machine washable, waterproof, soft fabric blend would only make this for her if she was willing to buy in bulk. She was forced to buy over 1,000 yards of this fabric, which would of course result in hundreds of car seat covers.

“I don’t have that many friends with young children… I knew I’d needed to sell them, and it all spiraled from there.”

Danziger learned the ins and outs of entrepreneurship out of necessity. Initially, she tried to teach herself how to design a website through the use of books like “Web Design for Dummies,” but quickly realized that there are people out there that can do this much better and more efficiently than she could. With a background in marketing and promotions, Danziger was very self-aware of her skills and what she could manage on her own, versus what she should outsource.

“It was better to hire somebody to do it than to spend my time and money trying it on my own. Outsource what needs to be outsourced. Doing it right the first time will save lots of time and aggrivation, and in the long run, money.”

She knew she couldn’t do everything on her own.

“If someone had told me everything that was involved in starting a business, there would have been no way I would have started. It would have been too overwhelming and daunting.” Because of this realization, Danziger offers three valuable pieces of advice to new entrepreneurs.

  1. Do it in small chunks. Know that not everything needs to get done at the same time. Cut yourself some slack and say that it’s okay if it gets done later. (tweet this)
  2. Know what you do know and know what you do not know. While she knew about marketing, she did not know the first thing about manufacturing. She was able to find people that did, rather than figuring it out on her own.  (tweet this)
  3. Have supportive people around you. If your friends and family are not on your side and with you on whatever your new exciting adventure is going to be, it’s going to be hard. (tweet this)

Starting and launching a business is always going to be difficult, time consuming, and, at times, a bit overwhelming. Whether your dream has always been to own your own company or if an idea came to you out of necessity, the important thing to remember is that you’re solving a problem that currently has no solution or that you can solve better than the existing options.

Make sure to check out Nomie Baby not only for these innovative car seat covers as great gifts for new parents, but also as a model for entrepreneurship and inspiration.


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