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What does Lovin Self, LLC do? Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.

Lovin Self, LLC is about making the committment to Love on Self. Let’s stop the madness, and let’s get inspired to Love on Self. Lovin Self, was birth out of my inner core of being a happy (known as Miss Sunshine), joyous, friendly and loving person toward others, and self. For over 30 years I have made the commitment to pamper myself every Sunday with a soothing relaxing Epsom Salt bath. Which is also the brainchild behind my Essential Bath Salts (Mediterranean/Himalayan/Dead Sea/Epsom Salts) and Soothing Relaxing Teas that I want to share with the world. They will calm, relax, soothe, rejuvenate, nourish, relieve you from overexertion and tension; but most importantly STRESS.

What inspired you to launch Lovin Self, LLC?

I lost my job at year-end and decided that working for “Corporate” is not for me anymore; especially after watching my two all time favorite movies: Too Big To Fail, and The Big Short. Also, it was time that I stop deferring my dreams for the sake of others.

In a world now that is faster than the Indy 500, women are at the center of this whirlwind and performing many juggling acts: soccer mom, friend, wife, employee, you name it…Supermom (aka Superwoman) is at the forefront pleasing everyone but her self; with one thing in common, STRESS.

I went one step further; by launching a “iMatter Campaign” that focus on YOU making the commitment to make the Pledge via my website (cards will be issued upon signing up on my website + discounts on purchases) to pamper yourself one (1) day of the week. “Take The Pledge Now…”

What problem does Lovin Self, LLC solve?

My LovinSelf Brand is about helping others cope with and minimize stress…by committing to a relaxing, soothing, essential bath once a week; along with offering words of encouragement, but most importanlty the importance of lovin self by way of my blog Which is inspirational Love annodates that I give on a daily (aka lovedailys (Twitter)) basis to my followers and readers.

What has been your biggest challenge starting Lovin Self, LLC and how are you working to overcome it?

Launching my website, and working with my developer who is overseas; but I am very hopeful.

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.


What milestone do you hope Lovin Self, LLC will have surpassed one year from now?

That my “iMatter Campaign” is Global, and that I have reached over 1 Million women (and men) who have committed to taking The Pledge to pamper SELF one day a week.

How has Project Eve helped you and orLovin Self, LLC?

By giving me an AMAZING platform to showcase and reach out to others who can truly utilize my product and services.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or the startup story for Lovin Self, LLC

Bath Salts have been around for centuries, and enjoyed by Queen Cleopatra; and have truly worked wonders for the mind, body and spirit. Examples: Dea Sea Salts are good for healing pain, reducing inflamaiton, and adding calcium to the body. That’s awesome within itself. ;o)

The 411 on Lovin Self, LLC:

Company Name: Lovin Self, LLC
Lovin Self, LLC was founded in:
September 18, 2003
Lovin Self, LLC is located in:
New York City
Follow Lovin Self, LLC on social media here:
[email protected]

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