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Preparing to move is tough, especially when juggling household management, family responsibilities and the stresses of work. You want your items to be packed carefully, but sometimes don’t have the time. Princess Packers takes the worry and stress out of packing. Like its brother company, Meathead Movers, Princess Packers employs all-American college students. The punctual and polite princesses packing your items are not only future leaders of America, but they also know the difference between a Fabergé egg and a hardboiled egg.

What inspired you to launch Meathead Movers?

When I joined Team Meathead, I noticed two things: 1) There was definitely a demand for packing services, but our Meatheads at the time didn’t love the packing work. They were much more enthusiastic about lugging heavy things and running back to get more. 2) While we are eager to welcome female movers, the opportunity didn’t seem to appeal to women as much as it did to our male Meatheads. However, as someone who had to work my way through college (everything from making copies at Kinko’s to spokes-model work), I was passionate about expanding the opportunities at Meathead. I would have loved to have worked for a company like Meathead in college — the camaraderie, flexible schedule, opportunity to help victims of domestic violence — but never would have wanted to be a mover. So I thought, “Well, how could I have fit in here?” The obvious answer was to create a professional packing service!

What problem does Meathead Movers solve?

Meathead Movers solves the long standing problem of using a traditional moving company. With most moving companies your average experience ranges from a hassle to a horror, just Google “moving scams” or “moving nightmare.” We promise the Meathead Difference: clean-cut student athlete movers, fixed pricing and no consolidated trucks. Princess Packers solves a problem many people looking to move do not even know they have. We realized that many of our clients were confident they would be all packed up and ready to go, but anyone who has moved knows that packing is the worst part. It is so common to wake up on moving day and still need to pack up the kitchen or the bathrooms, because we use those things until the last minute. Enter Princess Packer, a team of professionally trained packers who are swift, careful and even go so far as to wipe clean your shelves and tuck a dryer sheet into any boxes containing linens. Also, unlike the homeowner, each piece of wedding china does not prompt moments spent reminiscing, so we are able to handle the tedious task of packing up a home quickly and efficiently.

What has been your biggest challenge starting Meathead Movers and how are you working to overcome it?

My biggest challenge as a female executive has been twofold. First, when I began at Meathead I was a young woman (26) in a very traditional, “old-school” and male-dominated field. I was viewed as a lightweight, or worse, an ornament. On top of that, I was married to our company’s CEO and was the sister-in-law of the other owner. What I did to overcome this (and am still doing to this day) was to put my head down and just work. I had to shut out the doubt, commentary and judgment because there was a job to be done. In my first few years at the company, we embarked on a major expansion and branched out into mini-storage. When I came up for air, I had earned the (begrudging in some cases) respect of my co-workers, our attorneys, our community and even some industry folks. Now, when I am spoken over in a meeting, or when I speak up and the person I am speaking to looks to my husband or brother-in-law for confirmation that I can speak on behalf of our company, I steel my spine and push through. They can cling to their bias, but I have to focus on my goal: advocating what is best for our employees, our clients and our business.

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What milestone do you hope Meathead Movers will have surpassed one year from now?

We are excitedly developing our second mini-storage unit and anticipating a third, which will be huge for us. Another milestone that I’m hoping to achieve in the coming year is to evolve as a growing, maturing company that continues to help our people achieve their own American Dream. When I first started, I was the only woman in the office and the average employee was probably 24 years old. Ten years later, we have a wonderful workforce of over 300, our management team is majority female and we have a total of six babies on the way! That means we need to continue to understand how to help our team thrive both at work and at home.

How has Project Eve helped you and orMeathead Movers?

Project Eve empowers women, providing much needed inspiration and advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs.

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Get a “Not to Exceed” price in writing and confirm that your chosen moving company uses laborers who are drug-tested and insured. You are letting these people into your home, around your family and informing them of where you are moving to – you can never be too careful!

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