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NapTime-LogoYou’ve heard of Kickstarter, and maybe Indiegogo, now it’s time to learn about Nap Time Startups!  Nap Time Startups is a new crowdfunding platform empowering women entrepreneurs by providing the tools to raise startup capital through a women-centric medium.

“Our primary focus is to develop an ecosystem fostering trust and transparency between the entrepreneur and her supporters – including crowdfunding donors and equity investors.  We want our community to guide an entrepreneur from the start of their big idea throughout the entire process,” explained Vicki LeMay, CEO of Nap Time Startups. “No one is delivering funding combined with support in the way that we propose. “

While women are very active entrepreneurs, women only receive a small fraction of funding from outside investors as compared to men. Nap Time Startups believes women are an untapped pool of problem solvers and wants to be the resource that helps to change the ratio and get women funding.

In addition to being woman-centric, Nap Time Startups plans to offer resources and coaching to help participants not only conduct successful crowdfunding campaigns, but also launch successful businesses.   On other crowdfunding platforms the relationship between donors and investors and the company they fund typically ends after the campaign is complete. Nap Time Startups aims to extend that relationship.  “The donor is a valuable resource that can provide the company with lots of marketing, brand and product feedback,” Vicki explains.

The Nap Time Startups platform enables donors and investors to “spot” good products and companies where they can invest/donate. Perhaps more importantly, Nap Time Startup has added a built-in business and social network to their platform. Here, the company and the donor can interact and build a relationship where the donor will provide valuable pVicki Casual Bioroduct and market feedback and direction. “This relationship will empower the women using Nap Time Startups to engage with and establish long-term relationships with hundreds, if not thousands, of crowdfunding donors and investors. Its an entrepreneurs winning edge,” reports Vicki.

In addition to feedback from donors and investors, Nap Time Startup wants to offer the women on the platform support from business coaches. Seasoned business people will assist entrepreneurs execute their crowdfunding campaign. They will help design the campaign and the means to publicize it on social media.

The idea of helping women is resonates powerfully at Nap Time Startups. Vicki, Naptime Startups’ CEO is a seasoned entrepreneur, advisor and mentor in the world of startups.  She holds a deep passion for working with other entrepreneurs to turn an idea or concept into an explosive business.  This drives her to be an excellent partner for aspiring entrepreneurs within Nap Time Startups.

Nap Time Startups Chairman and Business Coach, John Montelione, comes from a world of women in entrepreneurship. –His wife and two of his four daughters own and operate their own businesses

For more information about how to get involved with Nap Time Startups, check out their website at, and leave questions or comments for Vicki in the comments section below!

By Kim Oksenberg and Jessie Spielvogel


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