Startup Stories: New Children’s Fashion Boutique Goes Beyond ‘Rent the Runway’


Tell us about your product or service.
There is a new way to shop for kids clothes this back-to-school season, designed for parents who:

-Love, or would love, to dress their children in top brands and standout styles;
-Shop online and price-compare to save money;
-End up removing tons of adorable, top-brand yet hardly-worn items from their kids’ closets (some with tags still intact) once or twice a year because they grow so quickly.

Wearhop, , a brand new concept in children’s fashion, offers a fun, flexible way for parents to dress their children ages one to four in top kids’ brands—for less.

At , parents can now rent new and ‘like new’ children’s clothes from their favorite brands for significantly less than it would cost to purchase the items. Wearhop carries a hand-picked collection of the best everyday styles, special occasion wear and outerwear from top brands, including crewcuts, Ralph Lauren, mini Boden, Janie & Jack, Hanna Andersson, Lilly Pulitzer, Tea Collection and more in sizes 12 months to 4T.

Parents can save a lot of money by renting their kids’ clothes for a season, versus buying them. For example, a Janie & Jack dress that retails for $69, can be rented for a season new for 40% off or ‘like new’ for 64% off. Parents can save even more, up to 70% off, for special occasion items, which can be rented for as little as one month.

All clothing may be rented for one to six months, and when a child is done wearing the clothes: simply send them back.

Parents renting from wearhop have the option to return clothing early, keep it longer by extending the rental period for up to a total of six months, or purchase it. Most items may be purchased at retail value minus what has been paid in rental fees. The purchase price for each item is included in the item’s description.

There is no membership required and parents can rent as many or as few items as often as they want.

What inspired you to launch your business?
My two daughters under 4, who are constantly outgrowing their closets! Every season I would go through buying new clothes and putting away old clothes that still looked new, but became too small. Kids this age grow too quickly to wear out the clothes. Instead, the clothes end up collecting dust in the basement, waiting for me to take them to a consignment store, which of course I never do. With two young kids and a hyperactive dog, I just don’t have the time! And that is how wearhop was born.


What problem does your business or organization solve?
The ability to wear fun, stylish clothes, then return items when they are no longer needed is an entirely new concept. I started wearhop to help parents dress kids in their favorite brands affordably and create fresh, clutter-free wardrobes. When the kids outgrow the pieces or the season changes, you simply return and ‘hop’ to the next size or style.

What has been your biggest challenge and how are you working to overcome it?
Spreading the word about wearhop has definitely been the biggest challenge. I have been fortunate to have the support of some influential mommy bloggers. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have also been great for generating buzz.

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.

How has Project Eve helped you and/or your business?
We are new to Project Eve, but what a great idea it is to create a community where women, and moms, can share their start-up stories.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry.
Toddlers are so creative and uninhibited. I love letting my daughters dress themselves! The resulting outfits are not usually what I would have put together, but the girls love their whimsical creations and are happy to wear them all day long. And that’s what fashion should be when you are a kid: experimenting, having fun, and being comfortable!

Company: wearhop


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