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What does do? Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.

Sleep Luv (found at offers information and resources for people looking to get a great night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is an essential component of good health but modern life often makes it hard to come by. We hope to provide great information and resources people can use to set themselves up for a great night and take care of the problems that are getting in the way of a great, restful night’s sleep.

What inspired you to launch

We’ve personally struggled with periods of insomnia, disrupted sleep, and discomfort at night. Everyone cares about getting a good night sleep and struggles with it from time to time. After years of swapping advice, product recommendations and news with our friends and family informally we decided to pull it all together and build a site to collect it all in one place.

What problem does Sleep Luv solve?

Getting enough sleep is to essential to wellbeing. Only 1% of the population can perform well getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night. But information and resources about sleep solutions are really disaggregated. We want to be a go to resource to find an array of products, services, reviews, research news, tips, and tricks to get a great night sleep whether you are two years old or a hundred.

What has been your biggest challenge starting SleepLuv and how are you working to overcome it?

Starting up! We’ve discussed disrupted sleep, shared solutions for jet lag, and our quest to find just the right mattress with one another for years. We came up with the idea to launch a resource to help with all things sleep a couple years ago but we needed to find the time to really lean into the project and get it off the ground. We finally did that just last month.

Give us two words that people might use to describe you. 

Determined & Caring

What milestone do you hope SleepLuv will have surpassed one year from now?

A larger audience! We only just launched the site a few weeks ago so people don’t really even know that we exist. We hope we can reach a ton of people and help them find sleep solutions and create the perfect bedroom haven that promotes a great night sleep.

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or the startup story for SleepLuv.

Try to avoid blue light an hour before bed. This is the wavelength that your body uses to know its daytime and you should be awake. Its also the most common wavelength emitting from all the screens we use. We’d all be better off if we could turn off our screens more than an hour before bedtime. If you can’t swing that consider getting some glasses that help to filter that out. Since I seem to always need to do something on my phone or computer just before I head to bed I try to put my glasses with a blue light filter on so my body doesn’t think its daytime.

The 411 on SleepLuv:

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