Startup Stories: SoLo Farm and Table

Startup Stories: SoLo Farm and Table

SoLo Farm & Table is not your average dining establishment. Chloe and her husband Wesley (along with the help of their two and a half year old son) left their New York City restaurant lives after bidding on a foreclosed restaurant in Vermont – and won.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh my God, what just happened, and what am I doing?” explained Chloe.

After bidding and winning, the then pregnant Chloe and her husband Wesley returned to New York and continued on with their lives, this time with intentions of planning for a new one.

Chloe met her husband Wesley while waitressing in the same restaurant in which he was a cook. Since then, the duo has traveled extensively together while experiencing the foods of unique cultures in many different countries. Wesley, a talented and acclaimed chef, has been honored with several prestigious awards such as 2 stars from the New York Times, 4 stars from NY Magazine, and many more.

When their son, Rafael, came along, the threesome moved their lives to a beautiful little town in Vermont. They now have three acres of land where their quaint, elegant restaurant resides.

“We grow our food on the property. What we don’t grow, we get from local farmers with animals raised close to here. It truly is farm-to-table style food, but with an elegant twist.”

Chloe and Wesley have worked really hard to make sure that their son is actively involved in the process.

“I think I’m showing him hard work – it’s so important, and it feels really good to work hard and be tired at the end of the day. I think to see that from the beginning is really special. What we do is just so hands-on. He is involved, sees it, and he’s here – if we need milk, he comes to the farm with us to get some, and he helps us pick peas off the vine and put them in the basket. For us, it’s a major value, and we wanted to give that to him. “

Along with teaching their son the important values of hard work through their entrepreneurial example, Chloe also offers some insight for other women working toward building their dreams, as well.

“It’s a tremendous amount of work – physical work. Don’t be scared to work hard, don’t take too much personally, and realize that decisions and choices are made on a professional level. Stick to what you believe in, and don’t bend too much to let outside influences take over.”

Chloe and Wesley intentionally avoided going through partners and investors. They worked, and are continuing to work, as a strong husband and wife team to put everything they’ve got into growing this passion project.

“It’s incredibly challenging and rewarding to look back and say ‘how did that happen?’ We have had wonderful press from a few magazines like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, and we’re proud to help put this tiny little town on the map. It’s a big deal for Vermont and it’s a big deal for us.”

While owning a restaurant and having a picturesque family sounds like a dream come true, it also has its challenges.

“We are fortunate to have a great reliable staff – it was the biggest challenge we’ve had so far when starting up. In a small business, just one person can make all the difference in the world. The people who work for us are really wonderful people. Training and past experiences aside, everything can be taught – but you cant teach someone to be a good person. That’s what we really look for in the people that we hire.”

If you ever find yourself wandering through South Londonderry, Vermont on your next ski trip or summer getaway, add this family-owned restaurant to your must-visit list and you’ll be certain of where your delicious food actually came from.

“We are so proud, excited, and humbled. We’re just trying to do it justice.”


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