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Innovative Startup for Skill Development and Vocational Education

What does TeamServe Professional Network (P) Limited do? Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.

TeamServe Professional Network is a company incorporated under India Companies Act 2013 to provide business consulting and advisory support to Startups, low or medium capital companies and institutions dealing with Education and Skill Development initiatives. Mentored by a childhood entrepreneur (Ravinder Chanana) who started his first business at age of 14 years and one who had proven competencies in diversity of business domains like Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Education, Retail, Finance, Social Development, Skill Development with experience on assignments from India’s apex institutions like FICCI, Sector Skill Councils, DFID-UKAID etc., TeamServe started its journey towards innovation of services and practices to enable professionals and institutions to deliver best out of least.

What inspired you to launch TeamServe Professional Network (P) Limited?

Our mentor being a renowned startup consultant and skill domain expert, we use to see the challenges people share with him. The most prominent challenge faced by professionals in vocational education and skill domain was unawareness about the on going development due to the vast country and unorganized knowledge flow leading to poor updation on emerging practices, treaties, new launches, events etc. Institutions and government authorities use to share about non competent bidders and service providers due to less applicants to bids and the main cause was non outreach of information to competent bidders. Competitiveness among the professionals was also lagging due to non availability of human resource pool and organizations have limited choice of applicants for jobs and applicants have awareness of limited set of opportunities.
Beside this, various other challenges were the inspiration to think out of the league and create a solution like SkillReporter

What problem does Skill Reporter solve?

Although has been rolled out recently, but in such a short span it has connected the dots making professionals and institutions aware of what is happening in the domain outside their territory. Not only this, it had spread awareness about the contribution of the international agencies like World Bank, ADB, UNDP which was not fully known to the people associated with the domain. Ministries, Departments, Corporate, Institutions got awareness about the practices and arrangements used by their counterparts in other regions. RFPs floated by Sector Skill Councils are getting more applicants making it competitive.

Its utility can be judged from the fact that, without any publicity (as it is in early stage), it has been subscribed by mission directors, top level government officers, CEOs of companies

What has been your biggest challenge starting TeamServe Professional Network (P) Limited and how are you working to overcome it?

Biggest challenge as an entrepreneurs (or say as a young woman entrepreneur), is the people’s perception. People think “How such a little girl can solve this big issue?” Second biggest challenge is the access to the funds. Government and various VC funding is there but access to those funds is still a nightmare. Third biggest challenge is the access to affordable infrastructure for office as the government incubators established don’t have the vision for startups and have their own challenges. They are just a formality to show government consent towards startups.

In order to address my first challenge, I prefer call/email/sms/whatsapp/social networks as mode of interaction rather than in person meetings. Also, my mentor supports me in personal interactions. Second challenge has been resolved through some freelance assignments, lending from friends and family. Third challenge is yet a challenge and I have to operate from my home and my friendly team is working from home.

But one thing is sure, whenever I had a challenge, I had found some way out and I never got disappointed for more than an hour to make my routine suffering.

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.

Smart Thinker…Daring…Buzzing

What milestone do you hope Skill Reporter will have surpassed one year from now?

My startup will have at least 1000 unique visitors per day and at least 10000 regular visitors without any publicity as I have crossed 100 unique visitors and 200 repeat visitors without any branding. I expect the subscriber base of above 25000 by March 2017 with at least 1000 top level government personnel or CEO.

How has Project Eve helped you and/or Skill Reporter?

Not yet but expect it will change the people opinion and make them dare to think beyond their capacity

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or the startup story for TeamServe Professional Network (P) Limited

Skill Development and Vocational Education has lot of avenues. We just need to have an eye to view and vision to explore.

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