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Tell us about your entrepreneurial product or service.
‘This Freelancer Life’ is founded by freelancers for freelancers. We all have a different story, but we all share similarities such as balancing work and life, wanting to score the best jobs (without putting the ‘free’ in freelancing!) , wanting to get ahead or simply needing to get the bills paid without worrying. This is the magazine to delve into tips and resources for all of that, including interviews and showcases of the amazing talent in the freelancing community. The magazine will be launched in early July on iPad, iPod, and Android, for only $0.99 an issue.

What inspired you to launch your business idea?
For about four months, I’ve been leading the digital magazine Online Footprint at the digital marketing agency I’m a freelance admin for. I realized that I was very good at collaborating on an end product, as well as writing content and managing teams.

A friend of mine said “You should start your own magazine” to me one day, and automatically the defenses went up – I didn’t have any time! Then I realized how much time I was spending on working on things like cross-stitching that made no difference to anyone else, and that time could be put to use with a magazine that could cater to America’s new workforce. Freelancing has become such an integral part of me, and everyone has always told me that I have such a story to tell the world. Well world, here we are.

What problem does your business or organization solve?
This Freelancer Life tries to adjust the imbalance that a stressful work life with heavy workloads and multiple deadlines can cause. This type of work life threatens physical and mental health, and can destroy relationships around you. Our whole mission is to improve the work-life balance for freelancers to help them live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and how are you working to overcome it?
My biggest challenge has been my own faith in myself. I keep trying not to get excited because I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen for me, but sometimes stifling good things like excitement can sometimes lead to doubt. I’m a work in progress; as most people are, with self-confidence. So that was honestly and truly the hardest thing to overcome was my own insecurities about myself. I have to constantly assert to myself that what I have built so far has the possibility for greatness, and only a great person can create greatness.

Give us one word that people might use to describe you.

How has Project Eve helped you and/or your business?
I’ve been following Tweets from Project Eve for years, and have been implementing their tips for over a year in my own projects!

Give us an insider tip that relates to your industry or startup story.
Make sure that you have a team that is extremely dedicated to your mission and vision. Without that, you have absolutely no basis to set any goals, and your project will crumble.

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