Step Three: Visualize Success

In the ceoHER Promote Yourself System, Step One focused on getting crystal clear on what you want; that is, what is and is not, important to you as a woman in business. In Step Two you focused on Aligning your Goals with your Organization.

These first two steps are foundational to Step Three: Visualize Success.

As children we were innately programmed to fantasize, and hopefully throughout childhood, we were encouraged to indulge our imaginations. We played house or superhero with our friends, forming elaborate scenarios that could occupy us for hours on end. But at some point during our lives, most of us left fantasyland behind, in favor of the growing need to focus on the responsibilities and daily grind of adulthood.

I’ll let you in on my childhood fantasy: I dreamed of being a millionaire rock star who travelled the world, performing mind-blowing concerts before throngs of raving fans. (Reality check: The closest I got to that fantasy was singing in my high school and college choirs! I can carry a basic tune, but Adele, I am not!)

When I ask you to visualize success, I am talking about a visualization process that is much deeper than a childhood fantasy, a game of make-believe, or the occasional musings about what you’d rather be doing when you find yourself in the office at 10PM, yet again, slaving over a proposal. I’m talking about a visualization process that energizes every cell in your body!

How will this help you Get Heard, Get Recognized and Get Ahead as a woman in business?

When we begin to create a specific, detailed image of a goal, then the particular steps required to achieve that goal also become clear. The action steps become tangible. We become better able to take the productive, proactive steps required to get where we want to be. Simply stated, visualization starts to put an otherwise lofty goal within reach.

Let me help you get started. I want you to envision a VERY DETAILED image of yourself in the not-too-distant future. Envision where you are going, and imagine… What are you wearing? With whom are you interacting? How do others respond to you? Allow yourself to FEEL the emotional response you have to these images. It may be too great of a leap to imagine yourself as the next CEO of a Fortune 100 firm if you are a currently a mid-level analyst, but do try to stretch yourself beyond your “safe” boundaries during this process. For instance, it may be completely valid to imagine yourself two years from now, managing a division, that will provide you direct access to senior management or the board of directors.

Today’s ceoHER™ Call To Action: find a quiet time to visualize yourself two to five years from now. Write down the specific details of your vision, and then revisit your vision on a regular basis. You will be surprised to see how the more often and intently you focus on the vision you have created, the more easily it becomes your reality.

As always, we welcome your comments here, so please share with us your personal vision of success. Remember, putting it out there will only help to make it more real!

To your success!

Suzanne Franchetti

ceoHER™ was founded in 2012 by leading presentation coach and media training expert, Suzanne Franchetti. Suzanne was sought out by President Obama’s team to serve with an elite group of presentation coaches at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Through targeted coaching and media training programs, ceoHER™ answers the specific communication-related needs of today’s businesswomen and women entrepreneurs to prepare them for the next step in their careers. Operating on the principle that communication is a great equalizer in business, ceoHER™ believes that developing these skills is a key factor in expanding the number of women who reach prestigious C-level posts.

If you are (or you know) a smart, determined woman in business who is ready to gain the competitive edge and confidence you need to communicate your ideas effectively to any audience, ceoHER™ has a program for you. For more information on how you can Get Heard, Get Recognized and Get Aheademail us or call 646-513-3330 today.

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