Steppin’ Up My Game

My last blog post was more than a couple of weeks ago and I must admit, I have missed the creative process of putting my thoughts down in writing, but in that time, I have gained immeasurable knowledge and connected with some amazing like-minded people who have shared, inspired, taught, and even admonished me on some of the strategies I have been using to build my business and online presence.

I’m pretty sure the wisdom I have gained is not by any means “new” to entrepreneurs that have been at it for a while, but for me it was life changing. I have indeed discovered that the power of social media is a phenomenal force in promoting who you are and what you have to offer. Social media is also one of the fastest growing modes of communication, financial opportunity and community or team building.

As I have dialogued with other entrepreneurs about the impact of social media in establishing a new business, I have watched my own business take shape while launching of a newly designed website ( that pulls all my ideas into one place, the purchase of a domain name, an increase in visibility and a plethora of viable solutions to drive traffic and clients to your products and services.

I have also discovered there are many resources that out there that will prove to be, at best, a waste of money if you’re looking to launch your business and be successful overnight, but if you’re willing to take the time to lay a solid foundation, you will begin to see results sooner than you imagined. I am no longer confused about what I am offering in my business or who I am offering it to. Clarity is perhaps one of the most wonderful treasures found on social media if you are being selective and discerning about who you connect with and are willing to put in a little time researching and compiling the information.

Here is a short list that may be helpful to those who are entertaining the idea of starting a business from scratch with no prior experience and little capital to invest. My disclaimer is just this: I do not profess to be an expert in what it takes to establish and build a business, but as one who is doing just that, I offer these tidbits that I have learned and put into practice:

1. There really is no “secret” or special formula for success. You are the main ingredient in accomplishing your goals. Think SUCCESS! Believe SUCCESS! Speak words of encouragement to yourself even if no one else does.

2. Break free from your fears. Don’t be afraid to share you thoughts or ideas with people who are already successful because you think they are not good enough. It is through this type of sharing that you become better.

3. Be as passionate about your building your business as you are about other things in your life. Be willing to step out on faith and take a few risks. Work to your strength by focusing on what you know and then seek to connect with others who can teach you what you don’t know.

4. Worried about whether there is a market for your product or service? YES! The old adage “there is a shoe for every foot” is true. If you have carefully thought through your idea and cast a vision (you must cast your vision to yourself and believe it or no one else will), and your product or service is something that will strengthen, inspire, empower, or resolve, etc. GO FOR IT! There is a market for everything…you just have to be creative in learning how and where to find it.

5. Lastly, is it your age? I almost had myself convinced at 53 that I might be “too old” to start a business and be successful at it, but I took the time to do some research and discovered there are many new entrepreneurs breaking into business every day over the age of 50. So, strap in and buckle up. It’s never too late to climb out of the box and begin living the life you dream about. In fact, I’ve been told that some of the most successful businesses are started by persons who have spent years working for someone else. The skills, knowledge, and networks that have already been forged are invaluable!

Success is defined by a life lived with no regrets.

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