Is Your Business Stepping on Its Own Online Toes?

Pretty woman working on her laptop lying on her bedIn today’s digital era, it has become imperative for any business to have an online presence. About 78% of internet users conduct product research online. This means your business stands a good chance of reaching target customers if it has a web presence.

Research also suggests that at least 57% of businesses acquire new customers via a blog. So, it makes complete sense to have your business online these days. Here are some tips to consider before your business gets a digital presence.

Domain Name

Your domain name is how your customers will recognize you. Think twice before registering a domain for your business. Choose a name that resonates with your brand. Also, be careful while selecting hosting packages. Do a thorough analysis before picking up a plan.


Now that you have a domain name, it’s time to set up a professional website. Remember, there are millions of websites on the internet similar to yours waiting to capture prospects’ attention. How do you differentiate in such a scenario? Well, have unique, compelling content. If possible, hire a creative copywriter for the content part.

Get a designer to have an attractive website. Content will be the backbone of your website. It should be focused towards addressing the needs of your customers’ rather than speaking about your business. Professional writers prepare content based on the FAB (Feature, Advantages and Benefits) model. It helps craft gripping messages. Also, keep updating content regularly. Having a mobile-friendly site is equally essential.


Make sure that your website is integrated with a blog. Post engaging articles that solve customers’ problems. Allow visitors to share content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Refer sites like Copyblogger, QuickSprout, KISSMetrics and CopyHackers before creating blog content. Post articles on a regular basis. On a monthly basis, you should post at least 4 articles.

Internet Marketing & Promotion

Your job does not stop by just creating and hosting a website. The world needs to know that your business exists. And, this is where online marketing will be helpful. If you have a budget, consult an internet marketing agency. These guys will help identify your competitors and create results-focused strategy to draw traffic to your site. Not only that, many of them have conversion specialists on their team to help you convert visitors into loyal customers.

Monitor your Reach

While you have invested in online marketing, it’s important to know whether you are getting results as desired. If you have outsourced your work to an agency, ask them for periodic reports. See whether your traffic has improved, reduced or remained the same. However, you must remember that internet marketing especially search engine optimization efforts take time to show up. So, have patience if you find that traffic isn’t coming. If the results are same after a year, it’s time to check in your content, blog and similar other things.

Social Media

This is another way to get popular online. Create a convincing Facebook Page for your business and share interesting posts. If possible, invest in Facebook ads, especially, when you have important announcements to make. It helps increase reach.

Twitter and LinkedIn are other platforms your business must be present on. Invest in crafting specific strategies for these networks and you will find business flowing in like never before.

Besides considering these tips, get your company listed in a business directory India. It only helps you get more customers, but also increases traffic to your website. All these strategies if implemented in the right way can help you flourish your business in a year or so. All the best!

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