How To Stop Drinking Diet Soda

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should stop drinking diet soda because it’s supposedly bad for your health. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I drink soda, but I already gave up regular soda, and now you want me to stop drinking diet soda as well!

Diet soda has such a yummy sweet taste, a pleasant fizz (that is why I drink it), and it gives an energizing jolt just when you need it. Perhaps there are certain times and places where it just feels right to drink a diet soda.

I don’t typically drink diet soda, but I do indulge at the movies or when I eat pizza. I don’t know how the ritual started, but it is somehow ingrained in my DNA. Usually, the initial fizz buzz I get is enough to satisfy any craving I may have at the time.

You can choose to stop drinking diet soda by weaning yourself from the tantalizing beverage gradually, or simply quit cold-turkey and suffer the withdrawal consequences. Click here for more information on happens when you stop eating sugar.

Tips To Stop Drinking Diet Soda

  1. Replace The Fizz

I will admit that the fizz is really the only thing I like about soda. Every so often, I crave the fizz and pop open a can of soda just to take that first drink of fizzy goodness. Once I’ve had my fizz fix, I no longer desire the soda. To calm your fizz craving, mix 100% juice, such as blueberry, pomegranate, or cherry in with seltzer, mineral water or club soda. You can try Schweppes black cherry seltzer water, or try the SodaStream machine that literally turns water into a carbonated mixture of goodness. You have a variety of choices in flavors making it easy to stop drinking diet soda!

  1. Find Yourself A Caffeine Substitute

If you are addicted to caffeine, it will be best to reduce the amount of caffeine gradually in your diet. Yes, quitting cold-turkey is an option, but it will likely leave you feeling run down, irritated, and you may suffer from headaches as your body goes through caffeine withdrawals. To stop drinking diet soda, try making Green Tea or Black Tea your new drink habit. You can drink them hot or cold, and they are loaded with antioxidants making them good for you.

  1. Make Water Your First, Most Convenient Choice

Some of us reach for the soda or head to the vending machine because it is a convenient choice. By placing bottles of water in the fridge or having water in your car or at your desk, you will naturally reach for what is nearby. Think about ways that you can make water your first choice and before long, you won’t even be thinking about diet soda.

  1. Replace The Ritual By Avoiding Soda Triggers

There is no way of denying the fact that we are indeed creatures of habit. As I mentioned before, I just buy soda when I’m at the movies without really thinking about it. If you find yourself heading to the vending machine during that afternoon slump, try taking a walk instead. Once you identify the habit, find a way to replace it. If there is a better alternative to diet soda in the vending machine, go ahead and make the swap while enjoying your afternoon ritual.

  1. Make The Commitment & Recruit Friends/Family To Join The Challenge

Ask anyone that has tried to kick an addiction and they will tell you that the support and encouragement they received from their family and friends helped them get through it. If you can find someone that is willing to take the challenge with you, then you have your support group. If you can’t find someone to join you in the challenge, then recruit them to hold you accountable to your commitment to stop drinking diet soda.


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