11 Simple Ways Startups Can ‘Magnificentify’ Your Subscriber List for Fun and Profit

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Subscriber List Tips to Count on Over Time

I know, I know. You’re thinking, Ms. Colibri, “magnificentify” is not a word. Really? It is now.

Here’s what I suggest: Try my 11 tips to magnificentify your subscriber list starting today (and don’t delay!).

Why? Because your email subscriber list is your:

  • Lead generator
  • Customer retention and
  • Market research go to

Ready? Let’s go!

Well, not quite.

First, let me explain what a subscriber list is and how you leverage it.

What is a Subscriber List?

A subscriber list is your database of all the email addresses you have that you can legally use to market your products and services.

Yes, honey, there are legal requirements to be considered. In order for you to send an email to someone you must:

  • Show that the individual wanted to be on your list and
  • Gave you permission to email them

If you don’t have permission, you are essentially spamming people. We all know what that’s like. It’s a bummer!

Legal and Ethical Requirements

Here are a few ways you can create a legal and ethical email subscriber list:

  • At events, set out an email sign-up sheet specifically saying you would like to send information about your products, services and specials
  • On your website, using MailChimp (my fave) or similar email service provider (ESP), have a subscriber button with a double opt-in feature (that means they subscribe and confirm they want to subscribe)
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe (times change and so do your subscribers)
  • Email your prospects and ask them if you can add them to your list

All of this is much easier if you can offer something in return, such a coupon, a free-down load or something else that your prospects will truly value.

All right! Now that we have explained the basics of subscriber lists and how to stay on the right side of the law, let’s talk about how you make your list magnificent.

Characteristics of a Great Subscriber List

You don’t want any ol’ subscriber list. You want one that is targeted to your specific audience so you can:

  • Research your market
  • Get to know your specific audience
  • More easily convert leads to customers
  • Cultivate brand advocates
  • Research your industry
  • Develop community among subscribers and
  • Individualize your communications and offers

In other words, you would rather have a smaller, more loyal list than a larger, less loyal list.

To be successful, you will need to be:

  • Patient
  • Persistent and
  • Meticulous (that means detail-oriented)

At the end of the day, treating your list with care and respect by focusing on your subscribers and identifying with their needs will help you magnificentify.

11 Simple Ways to Magnificentify Your Subscriber List

I hinted at this, above, but let me say right now: Your subscriber list is gold to you. The number one way that you grow your list and minimize your unsubscribes is through quality content — blog posts of all stripes and flavors, email newsletters and special offers or contests.

Here are some other ways:

  1. Have an opt-in incentive such as a free download
  2. Put your subscriber button in your sidebar so it is easy to opt-in from anywhere on your site
  3. Make your subscriber button either prominent, memorable or both
  4. Ask your subscribers to forward your email to their colleagues
  5. Optimize your content for keywords that brand your business to make yourself “findable”
  6. Use your social media channels to let people know about your website, products and services to “drive” them to your site and sign-up opportunities
  7. Add a line on your email signature with the message, “sign up and receive a complimentary download” or similar
  8. Add a sign-up box within your content
  9. Use pop-ups (sparingly — although they work, pop-ups can be annoying)
  10. Provide a special for new subscribers (great for e-commerce sites)
  11. Have a landing page with a subscriber opportunity. I personally prefer that the subscription be optional — people will appreciate being able to say, “no thanks.” On the other hand, if you make subscribing a gateway, be sure your site is worth it!

Pro tip: publish your content regularly and consistently — at least 4 times per month.

Alright, friends. There we have it. 11 simple ways to boost your subscriber list.

If you have questions or need help — or just want to subscribe :) — contact me via ANNACOLIBRI.

Your Turn

Do you have tips to boost subscriber lists? Let us know in the comments.


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