Summer plans all set? While some of my plans have been booked for months, I’m still hesitating over others. I generally face summer planning with a mix of excitement and dread. I’m thrilled to be free from the daily hassle of getting my son on an all too early bus trip to school and, of course, the nagging that seems to go hand and hand with even small amounts of homework. However, picking and choosing camps always feels like a gamble. My hope is that every camp will be a mix of fun, empowering new experiences, and intellectual stimulation.  Sometimes that works out and other times, seemingly, not at all. Sometimes you make a bad bet or a camp you loved one-year changes and ‘sure fire fun’ turns into something else the next.

Crazy hat day, costumes, great projects, and loads of fun at Camp Galileo through the years.

We were super fortunate to find Galileo Camps four years ago. Each year has been a home run.  Fun and innovation are built right into the curriculum. We’ve done a bunch of different locations and sessions over the years Galileo’s winning formula produces a great camp experience every time.  Sessions center around different themes each year. This year the themes are African Safari, Medieval Adventure, Makers: Move It, and Amusement Park. Older kids select from a variety of immersive experiences where they can master a specialty.  Although Galileo Camps are full of silly fun, the experience they provide also involves incredible intellectual and social growth. I love how Galileo’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum is combined with outdoor activities and applied at age appropriate levels. Camp counselors can make or break a session; the folks at Galileo consistently recruit a fantastic crew. We have found Galileo staffers to be passionate educators while also being full of silly fun.

Galileo 2016 Highlights: Favorite Counselor, Swag, Chariot Creation, Facepaint Fun!

Four years ago, on his first day of camp ever my little shy guy let go of my hand and headed off into camp. He was so entranced by the amazing counselors dressed in crazy costumes that he marched through an archway decorated with streamers and balloons and didn’t even glance back to wave goodbye. He seemed transformed just walking in! By the end of the week, he had made new friends, had loads of fun and created a homemade castle with a fully functional drawbridge. Learning all about building with pulleys was integrated right into all of the fun.

When amazing crafts come home, I always wonder if there was some extra adult ‘assistance’ involved. However, during his Galileo sessions my son regularly reports on the challenges he faces and special pats on the back he gets for persistence when he comes across big challenges or needs to fix mistakes. The Galileo folks do a great job of incorporating a growth mindset into everything they do. When they encounter a roadblock counselors help kids reflect on the steps they took so they can solve their “marvelous mistakes” on their own and truly view them as opportunities to learn. That said, it’s all done amid Galileo’s lighthearted, whimsical atmosphere, so the kids are unaware of the serious thought that has gone into all the fun they are having. All the while they learn to become courageous, collaborative innovators. Galileo offers a truly transformative experience that will stoke your child’s creativity give them confidence when they tackle a problem.

Since we are such big fans of Galileo Camps, we are thrilled to be able to partner with them so we can help them spread the word about all the fun that awaits this summer. I’m also excited to share an exclusive discount for $40 off. Just use enter CAMP17 when you register.



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