Couple on a beach at Maldives

This morning I got up as I usually do just before the sun. My body has this incredible inner time clock that pops me out of bed each day with one specific message; time to pee.

This particular morning was different in that I was away from home and by the beach. As I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes in an effort to find the bathroom I couldn’t help but notice the scattering of people arriving outside my bedroom window. No they weren’t ‘peeping Toms’. In fact they weren’t looking my way at all. They were all taking place in a popular daily pilgrimage to the beach to watch the sunrise.

I went to the window and looked up and down the coastline. The newly raked morning sand was host to lawn chairs, towels and blankets. Providing the on-lookers with their own cozy nest from which to wait in patient wonderment for nature to start the show.

It struck me that regardless of race, color, religion or political stance, human beings love to watch the miracle of a sunrise. What is it that captures us so? The rainbow of color that is never the same twice; the momentary awareness that the earth is actually moving; the marking of the start of a fresh day and all the promise it can bring; or is it something we can count on in an ever changing world.

It doesn’t really matter why. It just matters that we are, in that moment, connected.  With that comforting thought I headed off to the loo with a fresh perspective to start the day.

What is it about a sunrise that captivates you? Wherever you are in the world, can you use that to fuel your morning?

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