Super Moms: Keeping Up in the Workplace and the Home



If you’re a business woman and a mom, you have a lot on your plate. You’re working hard to support your family and move up in the business world, but you also want to be there to support your kids in their various activities and interests.


Overall, you’re torn between two different worlds, and some things will fall between the cracks; usually the housework. For those women who want to do it all, here are some tips both for keeping up in the workplace and with the work at home.

Workplace Tip: Communicate with Your Employer

Don’t be afraid to communicate with your employer your concerns about being a mom and a business woman. Bosses generally want their employers to succeed in their assigned positions, and they will respect those who keep them in the loop regarding obligations, both in the workplace and at home. Most people will be willing to work with you in creating a schedule that fits your needs, as long as you are delivering quality work.

Though it may seem like asking your boss to make exceptions could limit your ability to move up the corporate ladder, it can actually help you. By working out a system you can handle, you’ll be able to master the skills necessary to keep that position, impressing everyone as you go.

At Home Tip: Make Cleaning Easy on You

Once you get home, the last thing you want to do is spend the afternoon cleaning. Working moms have enough on their plate without the added stress of household chores. With juggling work and kids,they need to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Some household designs make it nearly impossible to keep up with the cleaning, so it may be in your best interest to make some serious changes. For example, you may want to replace wood, formica, or tiled countertops with granite for ease of cleaning.

Granite countertops, for example, drastically reduce the amount of maintenance required in the kitchen. According to this blog post, “Engineered granite counters provide a much more resilient surface for your food preparation. It isn’t porous, so it will not absorb colours and odours, and will not show water spots or streaks. All you need to do is wipe it down with whatever mild all-purpose household cleaner you have, and then dry it off with a soft towel.” Granite could be just the answer you were looking for to make your life a little easier!

Workplace Tip: Limit Distractions at Work

When you’re at home, you need to “be” at home, and when you’re at work, you need to “be” at work. A large part of this is limiting distractions. Being a mom can tempted you to check your phone often, chat with other adults, and make notes for things you need to do later, but you’ll find that you’re much more productive if you put away such distractions and focus on your work. The key to moving up in the business world is devoting as much time and effort as you can to your job, when you’re on the clock.

At Home Tip: Make a Chore Chart

Whatever you do, don’t try to take on all of the household chores by yourself. That’s hardly fair, and the other members of your household need to learn discipline. Make a weekly chore chart to get other family members to help you around the house. Kids who learn to do their own laundry, vacuum, prepare meals, and do yard work will turn out to be much more self-reliant, and you can rest assured that your house isn’t being destroyed while you’re away.

Workplace Tip: Get Really Good at A Few Things Rather Than Everything

As a mom, you’ll take on as many things as you can to stay afloat, but there’s no place for that in the workplace. When you’re at work, don’t be the person who does it all. Though it will speak for your responsible character, it won’t help you get noticed. You can’t hope to become a master at anything if you’re devoting your time to too many things at once. Instead, focus on just one or two skills that you can really excel in. When you become really good at just a few things, it will naturally push you to the top of your niche.

At Home Tip: Do Less

Though you want to take on everything you can as a mom, try to resist that temptation. You probably want to do your part in the “mom social circle” by volunteering at every minor league baseball game or being the chaperone at every field trip, but with all of your obligations, it will only burn you out. If you want to find success in both the workplace and the home, play it smart and know your limits.

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