Support for the female tech startup scene: Women Raising

Woman cheering for women entrepreneursLast night I attended an event hosted by Girls Raising that turned out to be a night of  information, motivation, and inspiration for every female entrepreneur.  Girls Raising has my favorite tag line of all time, “Act like a Lady, Raise like a Boss.  Actionable advice and resources for female founders.”

Support for the female tech startup scene: Women Raising

I also had the pleasure of speaking to Vanessa Dawson, founder of Evry and co-founder of Girls Raising.  As part of our conversation, she explained to me that she created Girls Raising to help female founders in their efforts to raise rounds of capital.  The reality is, participation in both angel investing and acquiring capital are areas where women fall behind men by a large gap.  However, there is good news due to the efforts that are being made by terrific organizations such as; Girls Raising, 37 Angels, Plum Alley, and Golden Seeds. All of the above encourage female founders and female investors.

The panel was stacked with impressive women including: Deborah Jackson CEO of Plum Alley, Kellee Khalil, founder and CEO of , Carly Zakin CEO and co-founder of the Skimm, and Angela Lee, founder of 37 Angels.

photoAn interesting take away from the panel was that founders should be mindful that funding is not a guaranteed path to revenue. Furthermore, funding itself comes with the immense pressure to return on the investor’s money in a short amount of time. The bottom line? Angel and VC funding is not the only way to go.

The show stopper of the night was the presentation by a very brave and smart women, named Tina, who is developing an app to help women understand their own sexuality and included a “how to” educational game on female masterbation. “Your friendly neighborhood vulva” is the leading character in this app that aims to take away the stigma around female masterbation. Bold. Brave. Fascinating. Much needed.  This goes way beyond the sex ed of my day.  Support this woman’s crowdfunding campaign; I did!

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