33 Strategies To Help Women Achieve Leadership Positions

Do you support The Sisterhood Of Fellow Female Entrepreneurs?  We females are a funny group.  We either fully support what a fellow female entrepreneur is doing or we are so jealous and afraid of what they are doing and that they will steal our thunder, that we don’t support them at all.  There is that group of individuals who is just doing their own thing and shows no interest one way or another.

I often wondered why we have such a problem supporting one another.  There is enough good fortune out there for all of us to share.  We all know when the topic of marketing your business comes up they always discuss networking  Whether you network in person or on social media platforms, it is all about sharing and supporting one another.  We need to empower each other.

It’s not easy being a female entrepreneur, especially if you are a small business owner and are handling everything on your own.  I have met some fantastic female entrepreneurs.  I have encountered some who have been gracious enough to share their knowledge and expertise with me in areas where I have been struggling.  Of course, I try to return the kindness whenever possible, if not with them, and then I offer assistance to another fellow female entrepreneur who is struggling.

Collaborating with an individual or even a group of people is a great way to develop projects on a larger scale.  You have a larger talent pool, which means more ideas and creativity.  By working together versus alone, you are able to accomplish much more.  I am currently working with fellow female entrepreneur and we have special projects scheduled to debut later in the year.  I could not be happier to have connected with her.

I have had the pleasure of running across a new book that is coming out and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  A group of women collaborated using their talent to write a book, entitled, 33 Strategies To Help Women Achieve Leadership Positions.

Below I have shared with you information on what the book is about.  I hope you will be one of the fellow female entrepreneurs who support our Sisterhood.  It is a great read and contains information that you can use and benefit from.

33 Strategies To Help Women Achieve Leadership Positions

Female empowerment will be the top of the agenda this month, when Professional Woman Publishing release their new book, The Female Leader, Empowerment, Confidence and Passion” on the market in paperback.  Packed with 33 strategies to help women achieve leadership positions in business, the book has been written by a large group of international coaches, consultants and CEOs.

Nicole Dominique Le Maire is just one of the many thought leaders and high powered women who have given her time to the project.  In The Female Leader: Empowerment, Confidence & Passion, Nicole covers the topic of “Being!”.   She teaches people how to be oneself and handle constructive criticism and grow from it.  This skill is critical in becoming who a person is meant to be, rather than letting other people’s opinions steal their internal greatness and joy.

Women in power are a topical subject at the moment. Only days ago, CNN asked if more women in power equaled more peaceful societies. Women in other cultures are taking their lead from Western society and women choose not to accept the roles forced on them when they see how successful women in the West can be when they make the right choices.

Dubbed a must-read for women everywhere, this book is an excellent resource for corporations, organizations and female leaders.  You can get your copy today from The Female Leader website.


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