Suzanne Franchetti

Suzanne Franchetti, M.Ed., the founder of ceoHER™, is a 17-year veteran in helping people communicate their value and their company’s value in a wide range of pitches, board meetings, internal & senior management briefings; venture capital and fundraising events for the private and public markets; and the full range of media outlets. Her clients successfully handle everything from interviews with The Wall Street Journal to appearances on “American Chopper.” Suzanne was recently selected to prepare speakers at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Suzanne coaches all levels of executives, with an emphasis on mid-level and senior management, across numerous business landscapes including financial and professional services, retail, and industrial firms. She has advised CEOs of Fortune 100 firms and leaders within the world’s largest public and private companies, and she’s traveled across the US to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, and Bermuda, to do so. Thousands of employees from all ranks have benefited from Suzanne’s services, and by working with her, not-for-profits have transformed their ability to attract donor dollars.

It is Suzanne’s passion for helping women in business succeed that drove her to create ceoHER™ to bring her proven expertise to smart, high-potential women everywhere!


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