Tactics to Keep Your Social Media Engaging

Whether you have an online business, blog or just looking to grow your social media presence, the content you post is valuable. Not only that, when and how you post also needs to be considered.

When you have an engaging audience, you have built a following that trusts you and knows what you are like. That is what you want for social media – to build that trust with your audience, so they keep coming back for more.

Maneuvering the social media world involves planning and strategy. Yes, some can luck out and post the right picture that blows up their following. But if you want to keep your audience and build up an influential reputation, you’ll need some form of a plan. So here are some tactics that will be useful to keep your social media engaging, and help grow your following.


The Basics of Engaging in Your Network

Before you can start to develop a strategy, you need to know what to do with social media. It is more than posting pictures of yourself with your dog. There is a purpose behind each post and work that follows.

Your social media network involves three things:

  • You sharing content: information that is relevant to your business/image and your following.
  • Reposting content created by others on social media that you find relevant to your business/image and your followers would like (this involves crediting to the creator).
  • Interacting with your following in the comments section and posts you are tagged in.

Utilize Graphic Designing Software

When you post on social media, no matter what the platform is, people respond to content that grabs their attention. A picture with just a bunch of text usually won’t get you very far. You want to add color, visuals, animation and anything else that makes your post stand out from everyone else’s.

Social media designing content will be your best friend. For example, the software Crello is a tool that helps you create engaging ads, material, animation and so much more that will be beneficial for your social media. The uses of Crello really are only limited by your imagination.

Explore What People Are Talking About

You can post the most eye-catching and engaging post you’ve ever created, but if it is no longer relevant to what your audience is talking about, it will fall on deaf ears.

You want to be aware of what your audience is engaging in. What are they talking about and what questions do they want answered? This involves exploring hashtags and keywords that you would like to use.

Once you find discussions within your industry that are relevant to your business or image, you can start to work your way in. Direct your content to those conversations with valuable information the follows are looking for. This ends up selling your brand without directly saying look at what I am selling.

Keywords are Essential

Including keywords in your content is what will push your posts into the social media world. Keywords should include single words or short statements that are related to your content. Include any abbreviations, even misspellings of your name to help push your post even further.

Keywords and hashtags are what audiences search for to find relevant content to their interests. If you post something with none of these, chances are your post won’t pop up anywhere. But by strategically placing the right keywords and hashtags, you will put your content front and center with any of your competition.


Developing and growing your social media presences isn’t the most straightforward task. However, once you find your groove and get it going, the possibilities it can bring will be endless. Start creating your plan that will push your brand even farther into the social media network.


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