Take your inner diva to the table

inner diva

How to find your inner diva

The world is your stage – it’s going to take something if you wish to make an impact. Leave the wall flower at home, pack the nice girl up, wrap her in a hanky and put her away. Pull your skirt down, chest out, shoulders at peace, chin up and now get your diva out!

Urban dictionary & I agree. Diva is a positive state – ”a person who has made it, someone with extreme talent & extraordinary abilities”

Sometimes, their perceived arrogance can be overwhelming, but hey, nothing wrong with a little over zealous confidence, it will get you where you need to be, just keep it authentic.

1) Every diva needs an anthem, find a song that walks to the rhythm of your beat

2) Have an intention – Close your eyes and center yourself – have a vision of where you want to be, breathe life into it

3) Got it?

4) Visualize the journey to get there, breathe

5) Where are you now? Waiting for the bus of doom? The diva doesn’t ”wait” for anyone. Don’t worry about the how, just have the journey happen and breathe

6) Walk through your thoughts – remember the journey can change multiple times, that’s what I call ”life lessons” & it’s the determined and fierce diva that will get you through it and out on the other side. Learn the lesson, trust in the process, there is always a master plan.

7) The diva has arrived! Enjoy this moment, smell the sweetness of success, bathe in it, roll around in it, make love to it. Really feel it & most importantly own it. That’s you, the diva you, the expert, the confident, sassy, edgy all woman-woman


Unleash your inner diva in the boardroom

1) This is a live performance – no faking it till you make it – integrity in tact, pull up a chair, put it at the table, sit on it, (thx Sandberg) and get your inner diva out.

2) Seduce the audience with your brain, give it a little something, something and now sit back and watch the audience soak up your vision

3) Be a devout diva – You are not a one hit wonder. If every part of your diva self has sat at that table, you will be back, only this time your audience may be bigger and your song even more meaningful

It may take a little Audrey Hepburn feminine sophistication, some Whoopi Goldberg sass and Tina Turner hair, but if you’re going to sit at the table make it memorable.

I am a Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist. Motivational speaker. Writer. Personal shopper volunteer and guest speaker at Dress for Success, San Francisco.


My Focus: Have women create their own brand, voice, style & confidence.
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